Career interruption as a result of motherhood determines the position and earnings of a woman in Romania

Career interruption as a result of motherhood determines the position and earnings of a woman in Romania

Romania is still dependent on the traditional mentality in which the woman plays the main role in the domestic affairs and in the raising of children. In order to support the development of the communities in our country, the React Association organized today in Bucharest, an event that brought into question the prejudices that prevent women, becoming mothers, from participating in the social and economic life of the community they come from.

INSSE data for September 2011 - September 2012 shows that women in the 25-44 age group spend two and a half times more time than men for family and household. It is easy to imagine that this influences their professional life. Moreover, women receive a net average salary of 12% lower than men, nationally.

Romania offers one of the longest parental leave in the European Union. However, it is rare for fathers to take advantage of this benefit, as it is advantageous to keep the parent with the highest salary. and the level of child-raising allowances are more generous in our country, but in the western states the average wage is higher.

From a professional point of view, motherhood can disadvantage women due to the fact that, during this period, they lose opportunities for training or promotion. In order to avoid a career decline, women have a choice between returning to the labor market and the time allocated for raising and educating children. Thus, among the main factors that determine the decision of whether or not to become a mother is the fear of losing the job, in conjunction with the increased demands of employers.

"It is very important for women to use all their skills and knowledge outside of home affairs, because professional fulfillment is part of their identity. influences the equal participation of women and men in the labor market. In addition to the free vocational training courses we provide for women in Bucharest-Ilfov, South West Oltenia and Center, we also organize 18 sessions with topics to bring people closer to understanding and applying the concept of equal opportunities for women on the labor market. Through everything we do, we promote access to continuing education, reconciling family life with professional life and equal opportunities on the labor market for both women and men. said Andreea Rotaru, communication expert within the React Association.

Held today, the session on equal opportunities in Bucharest addressed the issue of motherhood in relation to professional life and brought to discussion the multiple challenges and compromises that women have to face. The seminar was moderated by Ana Ber, Managing Partner Dr. Pendl & Dr. Piswanger, a human resources consulting company.

"As a woman, mother, employer and former employee, I firmly believe that combining a career with my mother's" job "is not an impossible mission, but on the contrary. I also believe that no matter how much I blame social customs, those bigger limitations we actually impose on ourselves. If everyone had the belief that you could be an extraordinary mother and a professionally fulfilled woman, all the messages from outside would have no effect. So my advice to all women is to believe in themselves, to understand that if you want, you can and that everything can be achieved with will and effort. After all, we cannot expect to be offered equal opportunities if we do not believe we have the right to equal opportunities and if we do not work to do them The opportunities do not arise, they are built, "he said Ana Ber, Managing Partner Dr.Pendl & Dr. Piswanger.

By the end of June 2015, within the project the Entrepreneurship School for Women with Responsible Initiatives (SAFIR) will be organized eight seminars with representatives of civil society, on various topics related to equal opportunities between women and men in the labor market. The project also offers vocational training and entrepreneurial education courses for 437 women from the Bucharest-Ilfov, Central and South West Oltenia regions.

The project is implemented and communicated under the name "School of Entrepreneurship for Women with Responsible Initiatives (SAFIR)" and is co-financed from the European Social Fund, through the Sectorial Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007-2013, Invest in People!

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