Sweet cheese pie

Sweet cheese pie

Sweet cheese pie is a smart choice to give your little one a healthy and tasty dessert, but also to spoil the other family members!

Preparation time

50 min.




1 packet of pie sheets

For the filling

500 g of cow cheese

2 oua husband

4-5 tablespoons of sugar (or according to taste)

a handful of raisins pre-worked essentially with rum with water

1 sachet of vanilla sugar

200 ml cream

For ornate (top crust)

1-2 eggs

granulated sugar

Method of preparation

Remove the pie sheets from the package and allow them to thaw a little so they can be easily handled.

Until then, prepare the filling. Mix cow cheese with eggs, sugar, raisins, vanilla sugar and cream.

Lay two sheets of pie in the tray and then fill. Then alternate the sheets with the filling until you finish it. Make sure the last layer is made of sheets.

Beat the remaining two eggs and grease the pie on top, before placing it in the oven. Then sprinkle cough sugar over the entire surface of the pie.

Heat the oven well and bake the pie for about 30-40 minutes, until lightly browned on the surface.

Sprinkle powdered sugar, after cooling.

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