Monsters in the world of silence between reality and fiction!

Monsters in the world of silence between reality and fiction!

"Monsters" from the world of silence between reality and fiction!

The National Museum of Natural History "Grigore Antipa" continues the series of meetings with the Museum's specialists, grouped in the well-known series of conferences "La Antipa, behind closed doors"
On Saturday, February 23, 2013, starting at 11:00 am, Ana - Maria Petrescu - a scientific researcher - is waiting for you to discover together the "monsters" from the depths of the seas.

For the adventurers of the past, the discovery, occupation and exploitation of new territories was a major concern, with the land providing a useful convenience for those who were going to cross it or use it.

Although the sea, with no sign of stability, was often considered only a passageway. And yet, the tentacles that could crush the ships, the gigantic snakes with huge mouths, the half-meter eyes staring at you from the choruses or mesmerizing songs of the mermaids terrified generations of people and explorers.

Mythology, reflected in the fine arts, literature or cinematography, "burned", centuries in a row, the rich imagination of people. But let's see what happens in the seas and oceans, beyond the legend and beautiful, in the light of clear scientific data.

On board the submarine "Antipa", we will travel in time and deep to discover who was the greatest swimmer of the Mesozoic Era, which are the deadly defensive weapons of some of the aquatic species, where we can find sirens, who are the true spirits of the waters. from the Celtic legends, and, above all, what important role all these creatures play in our ecosystem.

For the second consecutive year, the "Antipa" Museum will award prizes at the end of this conference cycle. Three of the most intelligent, but also the most faithful participants in the conferences will be able to take possession of the telescopes offered by our sponsor, DaVinci Learning, if they will answer correctly all the questions of the contest that will be held in January 2014.

Participants can register up to 70 seats by phone: 021.312.88.26, key 4 or by e-mail: [email protected]

Participation in the event is based on the ticket for visiting the Museum: students and students - 5 lei, pensioners - 10 lei, adults - 20 lei.

Details of the participation rules: www.antipa.ro, www.facebook.com/muzeulantipa
Additional information about the programs: Aurora Stanescu dr., E-mail: [email protected], 0723.149.694

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