The importance of the time spent by the father with the child

The importance of the time spent by the father with the child

The mother is the one who wears the baby in the womb, the one who feels his first movement and all the little strokes after. She lovingly endures every painful contraction during labor and puts her whole soul into pushing when she is born. She also feeds him to her breast and takes care to provide her other basic needs.

Where does the father in this picture fit? How can a mother contribute to the role of the father during pregnancy, birth and, later, during childhood? Well, by their nature, fathers are amazing creatures similar to mothers. And if you are fortunate enough to have a dedicated player in the team, who wants to play an important role throughout each child's growth and development stage, you have to make sure that the father has the opportunity to get involved in the care of the little one.

The role of the father during pregnancy

Pregnant women go through different phases. Most pregnant women feel bad in the morning and want their partners to support them and show patience, compassion and understanding. Many future Dads are offering to help their pregnant partners, aware that their lives will change.

The fact that the father talks to the baby in the tummy, reads stories, sings or simply watches the favorite show sitting next to my mother exclaiming "Bravo!" from time to time, allows the child to become acquainted with the parent's voice from the intrauterine life. This early familiarization ensures that emotional comfort is so important to the baby.

If you are pregnant, let your partner help you relax your body. If you offer to massage your soles or prepare dinner to give you the opportunity to rest, accept gladly. Fathers are capable of as many things as mothers and do not deserve many of the criticisms they receive from time to time.

TIP for moms: When he cooks for you, relax. Let him take the reins, and you inspire the love that floats in the air and enjoy the fact that your partner takes care of you.

The importance of the time spent by the father with the newborn

In the period immediately after birth, mothers spend most of the time with their newborn, feeding and caring for them. Somehow, fathers feel left out, despite being told how much they are loved and appreciated.

The role of the father is to create an emotional connection with the newborn, taking him in his arms and talking to him. It is extremely important for the child to have "skin-to-skin" physical contact and to become familiar with the parent's odor. When the father recognizes the voice, feels the skin and the smell, the baby will be filled with a feeling of calm.

TIP for dads: Put the baby wearing only the diaper on your bare chest and give him the opportunity to feel your skin and hear your heartbeat. It is a soothing moment, comforting for the newborn.

The importance of the time spent by the father with the baby less than 1 year

Babies are interactive, extremely rewarding for dads. As I see them in the room, I start to smile and reach for them.

TIP for moms: Help your partner strengthen his / her relationship with the child, involving him / her in as many activities as possible. Some mothers use the breast pump to collect breast milk in baby bottles. In this way, fathers can also help feed their baby at night, giving mothers the opportunity to enjoy a few extra hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Dad and toddler

When you are a parent, time seems to go by much faster. Many times you wonder how fast your child has grown. Like yesterday the gang in the crib and forget that today he runs on his own feet. He would like to play with him all day, kiss and kiss him. The father's familiar and loving figure makes him smile and gain self-confidence.

TIP for dads: Do not be afraid to take your child in his arms, raise him in the air, hug him and then make a grave with him on the floor. Your child will love this experience and will develop a secure attachment to you. Also, encourage your partner to relax from time to time. Suggest them to go out to the city for a coffee with friends or to rest for a few hours on the couch. Remind them that you feel confident and perfectly capable of taking over your duties as a daddy. At first, propose to him to exchange roles for half an hour, one hour. In time, he will trust you to leave you alone with the child and three days.

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