Tips to calm the cough at night

Tips to calm the cough at night

Cough, one of the common symptoms of influenza or respiratory infections, tends to worsen during the night and disrupt your sleep. The horizontal position during rest is not the best for coughing, but it is the only one suitable for sleep. For this reason, it is important to use a few simple and fast measures that help you reduce the cough intensity and rest better!

Sleep with your head higher than the rest of your body!

The horizontal position of the body causes airway blockage and coughing. In order to breathe easier and to control your cough better at night, it is advisable to sleep with your head slightly inclined, higher than the rest of your body. Sleep on a slightly higher pillow. Even if it is a rather uncomfortable position, especially if you are used to sleeping without a pillow, it is better than waking up in 5 to 5 minutes because of coughing or not resting at all.

Make sure you have an optimal humidity level in the room!

Dry air is one of the causes of increased cough during the night. It is advisable to buy a room humidifier and to use it more often in such situations. The moist air helps to fluidize the nasal mucus, which blocks your airways, but also hydrates the irritated neck, reducing the risk of complications.

Drink hot teas with honey!

Herbal teas eaten warm and mixed with honey is the best "medicine" for improving night cough. It relaxes you, but it also helps to hydrate the neck and to release the airways, helping you breathe better and cough less.

Make sure the bedding is clean!

Allergies are one of the factors that make coughing worse. If you know you are allergic to dust or mites, it is advisable to change your bedding and pajamas more often, as they tend to accumulate large amounts of these allergenic factors.

Apply to steam baths!

Steamed facial baths are one of the most handy measures to release the clogged nose, hydrate the irritated neck and soothe the cough. Although it is tempting to abuse these baths, due to the comforting effect it offers, doctors warn of the unpleasant consequences of abuse in asthma sufferers. According to them, excessive use of steam to decongest nasal horses could worsen coughing in asthmatics.

Take medicines into consideration!

Medication should be the last solution you use to relieve cough and improve the symptoms of respiratory viruses. Even if the medication does not cure colds and flu, there are still drugs that are released without a prescription and suppress cough. Expectorants are a good idea, if your clogged nose gives you a headache and worsens your cough. Always seek the advice of a doctor before using medicines to make sure they are right for you and that you do not risk unpleasant side effects.

Do you know any other tricks for improving your night cough? Share your ideas in the comment section below!

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