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Baby sleeping pills

Baby sleeping pills


- I have a 3 month old baby weighs 6.5 kg and I would like to know if I could give him a sleeping pill. I had problems with sleep, and the doctor gave me some pills prepared in the pharmacy (carbonic calcium and phenobarbital 0.15).


The sleeping pills (hypnotics) are medicinal substances, which in addition to the sedative and sleep-inducing effect have a lot of adverse effects; also used in the long term they can addictive.
Therefore, it is given only at the advice of the attending physician and only in cases where their administration is absolutely necessary.
In this case being a 3-month-old baby and in the absence of any information regarding a possible condition that justifies this gesture, the administration of a sleeping pill seems to me an extreme and unjustified measure!
It is true that some babies have a more restful sleep, waking often at night, which can be very tiring for the mother, but the warmth of the mother's arms, a song of a swing or breast feeding are simple measures, with which the baby can be quiet and can fall back asleep.

Alina Pop-Began
- Resident physician - Anesthesia and Intensive Care-
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