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How to celebrate the child's day when you are not organizing a party

How to celebrate the child's day when you are not organizing a party

Your baby's birthday is a special day that is worth celebrating, to make the little one feel special. Anniversary parties are fun, but they can involve high costs and great efforts from parents. If you have decided to leave the party for family reasons, it does not mean that you cannot celebrate the child.

Here are some ideas that will help you turn your birthdays into memorable birthdays, without organizing a party:

Creates a waiting state

As the birthday approaches, anticipate the moment by talking about the importance of the day and making plans for how you will celebrate. You can create a special inverse count by making a paper chain and breaking a chain element each day. Explain to the child that, although this year will not be a big birthday party, you can plan together a lot of other fun activities.

Prepare a homemade cake

Besides the fact that a cake made at home is much cheaper than one bought, your child has the opportunity to choose the flavors, colors and themes he likes. Do not stress if the figure in the martipan does not come out perfect, the children do not care about symmetry or shapes. They appreciate that you force yourself to make a cake just for them.

Fill the house with balloons and anniversary decorations

On the eve of his birthday, he waits until the party falls asleep and decorates the house with colorful balloons and spirals to create a party atmosphere. You can try to grab a disposable table top from the door of the child's room and fill the space between the door and the table with balloons. In the morning, when the child opens the door, he will be greeted by a flood of balloons, which will bring a big smile to his face.

Let the child choose how you will spend the day

When planning how you will celebrate the family, consider the child's preferences. Design a special menu in which to include his favorite foods. Choose to serve snacks that you do not prepare daily, to make the day more special. If you want to go on a trip or have dinner in the city, let the little one get involved in the process of choosing the location.

Shoot the day

Create a list of questions to ask your child each year, on his birthday, such as "Who is your best friend?" or "What's the funniest thing you've done"? Shoot the answers and take snapshots. Next year, watch the family recordings from previous years. It's fun and exciting at the same time to watch such videos, to see how grown up and how your child has evolved over the years.

Plus, when you grow up, the little one will love to look at times when he didn't care!

Troubleshoot memories

Children love to tell them about the day they were born or about the nasty things they did as babies. Reserve a few hours to debug memories and recreate the story of your child's hero. Such moments strengthen family ties and confirm to the child that he is special and loved.

Call a friend!

Call on the help of friends and relatives and ask them to think of a special wish for the child's birthday. They can record messages or send videos. You can even organize a video conference on Skype with relatives from other cities. In this way, the child will feel that loved ones are celebrating with him, even if they cannot be present with him physically.

Therefore, you do not have to spend a large amount of money to make the child's birthday special. It is enough to organize yourself early and look for cheap and handy entertainment alternatives.

Here are several ways to celebrate without a party:

Go to a movie;
Visit the amusement park;
Have dinner in a lovely place;
Go bowling;
Take a day trip to a neighboring city;
Attend an event dedicated to children;
Be a tourist for a day in your hometown. Visit the Zoo or other local attractions;
Let your child choose a place he wants to visit.

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