When we introduce banana into the baby's diet

When we introduce banana into the baby's diet

The diversification of the baby's diet often starts with fruit, and banana is among the assortments that will quickly make their place on the menu. It has the most creamy texture of fruits, a taste adored by children, the risk of allergies close to zero and a lot of nutrients eager to strengthen the body and stimulate the growth of the baby! Find out when to put bananas in the diversified menu, how to choose the ones cooked and good for consumption, but also with what other foods you can combine in the preparations you serve to the baby!

When is it fed?

Being easily digestible as a baby, banana can be introduced at the beginning of food diversification. The appropriate age to enter it in the menu is 6 months, but some doctors, more cautious of wires, postpone the time and up to the age of one year, because of the risk of fungicide contamination.

What vitamins and minerals contains?

Banana is considered the food of the well being, as it contains essential amino acids that stimulate the functions of the brain and the secretion of the hormones of happiness. Besides these amino acids, bananas also contain many vitamins and minerals that contribute to the harmonious growth of the child:


Vitamin A;
Vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B9 (folic acid);
Vitamin E.



Bananas have many benefits in the development of the baby, but they also contribute to protecting its health:

strengthen the immune system;
• regulates slow intestinal transit (combat both constipation and diarrhea);
• prevent anemia, a common disease among children;
• stimulates brain functions and improves thought processes;
• regulates blood pressure and protects against heart disease.

How do you choose bananas for your child's meal?

If apples and pears are in the category of fruits contaminated with pesticides, the banana is also on the list of those sprayed with toxic substances, but with fungicides. Some doctors consider that fungicides easily penetrate the fruit's pulp through its porous and slightly permeable bark.

For added safety, they recommend buying organic or organic bananas, at least for the baby, because of his sensitive digestive system. The most important thing is not to choose ripe bananas, as unaltered or exposed to pathogens.

When you go to buy bananas, the most important thing is to make sure that they do not have a cracked shell and that they have attached cod. Otherwise, the color of the fruits is less important, because they can be consumed and green, by those who prefer their taste. Bananas bought raw will ripen naturally, in just a few days, if kept at room temperature.

The brown spots that frequent these fruits are not signs of degradation. It only indicates that they are very ripe, which makes them easier to digest and very suitable for the sensitive stomach of the baby.

At what tables do we put bananas?

Being part of the fruit category, bananas should be included in the baby's menu among the morning meals. The snack at 10 o'clock is best suited for this food.

How do you prepare and serve bananas?

Like avocado, banana is served raw or in a natural state. It does not require thermal processing. At the beginning of the diversification, give the baby the ripe fruit very well and only in the form of pasta or mash.

Their texture and consistency can be changed around the age of 8-9 months, when the banana will be served as snack or finger food, in the form of dishes.

What other foods can you associate with them?

Banana is not a pretentious fruit. It can be combined with a lot of other fruits, but at the beginning of the diversification it is indicated to be associated only with: pears, apples, avocados or mango, "friendly" varieties with the baby's fragile stomach.

Baby banana recipes

6-7 months
Banana puree and avocado
Banana and pears foam
7-8 months
Banana puree with rice and yogurt
9-10 months
Mei with cheese, banana and pears
Pumpkin with banana and yogurt
10-12 months
Pumpkin pie with banana

At what age did you put bananas in your baby's diet? Tell us your suggestions, but also the tasty recipes that you prepare for the child with this fruit, in the comments section below!

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