How much sleep does the child need according to age?

How much sleep does the child need according to age?

Sleep makes an important contribution to the growth and development of the child. The number of hours of sleep he needs depends on several factors - the individual needs of the child, his health, but especially his age. Here's how the little boy should sleep at every stage of his childhood!

Baby sleep up to 1 year - 16 hours

In the first four weeks of life, the newborn sleeps almost all day. He accumulates, in total, even 18 hours of sleep a day, in halves of 2-4 hours. At this age, the child does not have his own biological clock or a well-developed circadian rhythm.

For this reason, he does not consider day or night to sleep or stay awake. Parents are the ones who regulate the baby's sleep schedule and help him, as he grows up, make the difference between day and night.

Until the age of one year, the baby sleeps around 14-15 hours a day. The night sleep will include around 11 hours, and the one during the day 2-3 hours, divided into two periods.

Sleep of the child at 1-3 years - 12-14 hours

After the age of an anisor, the time allocated to sleep begins to decrease, and the hours of waking and exploring the environment are more and more. The baby does not sleep as much as when he was a baby.

Gather no more than 14 hours of daily sleep, and most are allocated to night sleep - 11 or 12. If by this age, he had at least two nights sleep in the afternoon, until preschool, he will keep only one in his program, which could take longer than usual. Can sleep in the afternoon between 1 and 3 hours.

Sleep of the child at 3-6 years - 10-12 hours

In the preschool period, the child becomes more and more active and eager to explore and know the things around him. It is the period in which the hours of sleep of a day decrease even to maximum 10 hours. In any case, a child of this age should not sleep more than 12 hours a day, of which 10-11 hours, during the night.

The time allotted for the afternoon sleep is also beginning to decrease and not to exceed one hour. By the age of 6 anisors, the afternoon sleep will completely disappear from his daily schedule.

Sleep of the child at 7-12 years - 10-11 hours

Starting with the school age, the child does not sleep more than at night. The number of hours of sleep begins to decrease from one year to another, even reaching a maximum of 9 hours, towards the end of the age of 12 anisors.

The bedtime starts to be over, and the baby goes to bed later and later, as he enters the adolescent stage.

Between 12 and 18 years, the number of hours of sleep the adolescent needs is at least 8 and maximum 9, with small variations, depending on various factors and events that take place in his life.

Even though in adolescence, sleep no longer contributes to the growth of the child, it becomes an important part of a healthy lifestyle at maturity. The number of 8 hours of daily sleep should be respected even in adulthood.

How much does your child sleep daily? Does it tend to delay bedtime at midnight and not be able to wake up in the morning? What measures do you take to prevent this? Tell us your tips and suggestions in the comment section below!

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