How to behave with your child when you find out he or she is gay

How to behave with your child when you find out he or she is gay

The way you behave with your child when you find out he or she is gay or confused about your own sexuality will determine the type of relationship you will have for the rest of your life. The most important thing is to remember that your child attracted to the same sex needs and deserves the same level of care, respect, information and support that a child with a "normal" sexual orientation would receive.

Your first purpose in the situation where your child confesses to being homosexual would be to not remove him from you. Ask questions, listen to him, empathize with him, respect his point of view and show him that you are with them.

It can only be about a crisis of sexual identity or more than that, the most important step you certainly want to do is to gain his confidence and willingness to listen to your advice. Above all, your child needs to love you, and your love for him can never go away, regardless of the choices you make in life.

How to react when the child tells you he is gay

The first barrier that is important to overcome is to control your behavior and emotions, often influenced by the powerful shock of finding this news. While some parents with broad views about sexuality can easily receive information, others suffer from real trauma, which their children are most afraid of.

Take your own anger aside and learn to manage it separately, putting your child on the forefront. Otherwise you risk being totally excluded from his life, no matter how hard you try in the future to regain his attachment.

Your son is not afraid for the most that you will forbid them from dating same-sex people, but that you will abandon him. Rather, show yourself willing to understand him and help him get to know himself better, without imposing behaviors or, worse, offending him. Your duty is to protect him, not to expel him from you.

What to say and how to behave with a gay child

"I love you no matter what, I will always be your parent" is the first thing you should tell your child. Tell them that nothing will change between you and that you appreciate their courage and confidence to have confessed this uncomfortable truth to you. Equally important is being honest, but gently communicating your feelings to them.

You can tell him "I and his father are amazed and confused, but we will do everything we can to be with you." Always balance each replica of concern with one of reinsurance of your protection and love.

Try as much as possible not to change your behavior towards your child, as if the world would revolve around the fact that he confessed to you the homosexuality he assumes. He remains your son whatever his sexual identity, so he encourages his involvement in all other aspects of life (school, sports, friends, hobbies, work, etc.).

Gather information about the life of your gay child

You can't really be with your gay child unless you understand exactly what challenges you face every day. Ask him to tell you about his experiences and experiences. Ask him if he wants to be discreet in this regard or if he prefers the whole family to find out his sexual orientation.

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