In detail

Sandvis with rollers

Sandvis with rollers


2 slices of intermediate bread with seeds

a cube of Fine Delaco Something

a cherry tomato

3 slices of moss

1 black olive and one green


grain salad (or green salad)

Red pepper

high salt

Method of preparation

Want to get your little nazdravan a quick snack? The sandwich with rolls and cream cheese is the perfect solution!

First grease both slices of bread with one cube of Delaco Ceva Fin cheese.

Then cut the cherry tomato into four and fill the slices of moss that you then roll and place over the first slice of bread.

Cut the olive cubes and add them over the rolls. Garnish with salad, season with taste, cover with a second slice of bread and enjoy with the little one a delicious and tasty sandwich.

Great appetite!

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