Fruit salad with honey

Fruit salad with honey

Honey fruit salad is a refreshing, fragrant and delicious dessert. It is prepared quickly and is a handy solution when you have unexpected guests.

Preparation time

30 min




3 spindles

1 orange

200 grams of canned pineapple

200 grams of grapes

200 grams of strawberries

1 banana

50 ml honey

juice from a green lemon

bark from a green lemon


minced mint

Method of preparation

Peel the fruits and cut them into cubes. Then combine all the fruits in a large bowl. In a smaller bowl, mix the honey with the juice and the lemon and green vanilla bark.

Pour over the fruit and mix well. Transfer fruit salad into individual cups and garnish with freshly chopped mint.

The salad can also be served with whipped cream and chocolate on top.

The type of kitchen

International cuisine

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