When we introduce rice into the baby's diet

When we introduce rice into the baby's diet

Rice is one of the cereals that will make the fastest place in the baby's menu, since the beginning of the diversification. Of all the cereals that can be consumed at baby age, rice is the only one suitable, as it is gluten-free, protecting the child from the risk of intolerance or other medical discomfort.

Find out the right age at which the baby can eat rice, what assortment is best for his sensitive digestive system and what meals can be included in the menu! Get inspired by the rice-based recipes recommended at this age!

When is it fed?

Rice is one of the foods with which you can begin to diversify nutrition in babies, as it is easily digestible and nutritious. Therefore, it can be added to the baby's diet from 6 months on.

What vitamins and minerals contains?

Although it does not have a significant amount of vitamins and minerals, rice remains a staple in the diet, due to its high protein and fiber content. Even though it is "poorer" in vitamins and minerals, they contribute to the total daily intake of these nutrients, helping the baby to grow harmoniously and to be healthy:


• Iron;
• Phosphorus;
• Potassium;
• Copper.


• reduced amounts of vitamins A, C and D;
• Vitamin B complex.

Among the main benefits that rice has in the health and development of the child are:

• reducing cholesterol and preventing heart disease;
• combating digestive disorders;
• strengthening the immune system;
• combating diabetes and obesity;
• decrease the risk of kidney disease.

How do you choose rice for your child's meal?

You may be tempted to give your baby whole grains, because they are natural and have highly praised properties by nutritionists. But the specialists claim that they are harder to digest and that the baby is bloated, causing abdominal discomfort.

Specialists recommend white or fairy rice for baby's first solid meals. And rice flour is an option worth considering at the beginning of diversification, as it is easily tolerated by the baby's stomach.

Also, it is important to opt for vitamins and minerals fortified assortments, to provide the little one's body with the essential nutrients it needs.

Brown or whole rice will make its place in the menu of the little one at the age of 1 year, when the digestive system will be mature enough to digest it.

At what tables do you introduce it?

At the beginning of the diversification, the rice is introduced in the baby's menu at the evening meals, in combination with light foods. As the baby grows and the digestive system matures, it is advisable to opt for brown or whole rice and to introduce it in the lunch tables, in small quantities.

Always consult your pediatrician about the most appropriate time of day when your baby can consume rice!

How do you prepare and serve it?

Rice is always served boiled. If you use rice flour, you can combine it with boiled and cold water or milk, at room temperature, because it does not need boiling.

At half a cup of white rice, you need 1 cup and 1/2 of water. Put them to a boil together. The rice is ready in 10-15 minutes. It is important to follow the measures, in order to avoid the situation where the rice is flowing in the water and you need to slip it. If you add the right amounts of water, it will completely penetrate the rice and you will not lose the nutrients from the cereals.

What other foods can you associate with it?

Rice is a versatile food that lends itself to a lot of food combinations. At the beginning of the diversification, you can combine it with milk or light vegetables, which are easily tolerated by the baby's stomach: carrots, pumpkin.

Later, it can be associated with tomatoes, leeks, onions or broccoli. Be careful to respect the correct food associations, so as to avoid undesirable effects.

Baby rice recipes

7-8 months
Rice with peach
Brown rice with vegetables
Rice with pumpkin, carrot and peppers
Fish with rice and pumpkin
Serbian pilaf with chicken liver
Banana puree with rice and yogurt
Potato with cauliflower and brown rice
8-9 months
Rice with pumpkin, tomato and baked pepper
Rice with pumpkin and stew
Rice with pumpkin, red and chicken breast
Rice with apricot puree
9-10 months
Brown rice with cheese and baked apple
Brown rice with broccoli
10-12 months
Rice with milk and fruit
After 1 year
Tomato soup with rice
Rice with Mexican vegetables
Peppers stuffed with rice
Pumpkin food with rice

What kind of rice did you first serve your baby and what foods did you combine with it? What is your child's favorite rice recipe? Share your opinions, but also new recipe suggestions, in the comments section below!

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