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Classic and fantastic. How to understand music

Classic and fantastic. How to understand music

Classic and fantastic. How to understand music

The "George Enescu" Philharmonic and the "Classic is fantastic" Association announce that, at the request of the public, the first concert-show of 2014, The story of the soldier of Igor Strawinsky will be resumed. on Sunday, February 16 a.c. at 11:00

Classic and fantastic. How to understand music
Sunday, February 16, 2014, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm, Roman Athenaeum / Great Hall

The story of the soldier

by Igor Stravinski

Mozaic Trio:
Oana Spanu-Visenescu - Vioara
Emil Visenescu - Clarinet
Diana Spanu-Danila - Piano
The story - Anca Sigartau
The soldier - Mihai Bisericanu
Dracul - Sandu Mihai Gruia
Comments: Cristina Sarbu
The tickets go on sale at the ticket office of the Romanian Athenaeum starting with Wednesday, February 5, a.c., at 12 o'clock. Price categories: 20 roni cat.I, 15 roni cat.II
Reservations will be made for school groups until January 31st. Places are limited. Information / reservations at: [email protected] Phone: +4021.315.6875 - Ticket Office.
The concert is not recommended for children under seven.
Interpreters word:
The story of the Soldier is a metaphor of the man subject to error, tried in an ephemeral existence of dominating temptations, deprived of the soul and of the power to love.
It is a parabolic image of man chained to his own weaknesses, wandering on roads far from the truth, enchanted by the glitter of false values. He is the man of today and always, always unhappy, unable to value what he has been given. It is a variant of the Faustian myth in which the sold soul is a violin inspired by the grace of music, lost and regained along with it. But the mistake does not have the power of eternity, and the song brings forgiveness. The divine source of forgiveness gives man a second chance and the power of inner rebirth to take it over. Here, the two authors over-sized the evil, and they defeated the man. of man, reborn in his second chance, wiser, deeper, more loving.
So enjoy, dear viewers of the healing message of art and of ... love!

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