The task may not be magical, and you don't have to feel guilty

The task may not be magical, and you don't have to feel guilty

The pregnancy period is supposed to be a magical one. The skin is brighter, the hair brighter, the smile wider. You would take dozens of pictures of your tummy, in a field of flowers, at sunset, to then distribute them on Instragram or Facebook and receive hundreds of appreciations and congratulations.

There are moments of deep discomfort, however: when your morning sickness, heartburn, or when you have strange appetites and feel like you are choking when you want to do your own pedicure because you have a big belly. It is as normal as possible to feel frustrated in such situations.

We reveal some of the most embarrassing moments during your pregnancy! If you have already been through a task, you will find yourself in the ranks below. If you are preparing to become a mother, it will surely be good for you to know what to expect.

1. When you give the partner the news that he will be a dad

This moment can give you an extreme nervousness. Of course, if you know he likes the news in a crazy way, you can dress the dog in a T-shirt that says "I'm the Big Brother" or you can just stretch his pregnancy test, without telling him nothing. Whatever you do, the blood will sink to your cheeks and at that moment you will want to be teleported to another planet by an alien force, fearing that the partner's reaction will not be a positive one.

2. Buying pregnant clothes

It's hard to find pregnancy clothes to your taste. And this is because the producers thought primarily of utility, not of fashion trends and the importance of style. You are terribly upset by your breastfeeding bras and belly pants, which make you look like you have swallowed a hippopotamus. But that's it, you can't always wear wide dresses, in bright colors.

3. Purchase of the breast pump

Who does not like to spend the time among the shelves with baby clothes? All are so cute and small, that you can melt for love. But when you reach the shelf with breast pumps, sterilizers and bottles, your depression suddenly begins. The milking side is not going to please you, you know from now on. One is to breastfeed, and another is to lie down, to relieve your painful breasts and prevent a mastitis.

4. Furnishing the baby's room

Who says that decorating the child's bedroom is a relaxing activity, mind the freezing waters. Only climb the ladder to glue colorful stickers to the walls you won't mind. As for painting or hanging the chandeliers, this is an activity for utilitarian artists and climbers, not for pregnant women.

5. Ultrasound of 20 weeks

Everyone associates the 20-week ultrasound with the magic moment when you find out the sex of the baby. However, your emotions are not related to the sex of the child, but to the possible anomalies that could be detected during the consultation. Some babies hide their feet very well, causing the mother and doctor to cold spine on the spinal cord. Where else do you put the acute sensation of urination and abdominal frostbite, while staring at the ultrasound monitor, trying to figure out if what you see is a baby or a piece of your own liver.

6. Notification of boss and co-workers

The moment you tell your employer that you are pregnant is quite stressful. Whether you are employed for an indefinite period or have a collaboration contract, you still find your words difficult. You are simply overwhelmed by the moment when everyone has to pretend to be happy for you, out of complacency. You can't help but wonder: don't your colleagues think about you, because they want to work a little harder than you, since you will go to the short program, pregnant? Will you be fired? And look like this, you get to do a lot of scenarios in your head that give you a deep state of discomfort.

7. Diet

Pregnancy comes with a lot of food restrictions and a ton of tips from relatives, friends and neighbors on what to eat. Of course, you will not eat raw egg products, such as the wonderful honeybees or Viennese lightening. What if it only rains in your mouth when you think about them? The risk of contracting salmonella can be extremely low, but you have to listen to the mouth of the world, right? What kind of mother would you be if you endangered your child's health? And here's how you end up waking up in front of the wide open fridge in the middle of the night, blessing the moment of complete silence in which the whole house sank.

8. The huge belly

While the skin on the abdomen stretches over the passing day, as if crying out at times and causing you itchy bites, those around you are ecstatic in front of your huge belly and are struggling to touch it. Why do they want to do this? What do they find so cute about a huge belly full of stretch marks? Get to anoint yourself with olive oil and pre-natal creams every morning and evening, if you are still so excited about your tummy.

9. Your baby jumping

At first, the baby's movements in your womb seem fascinating to you. You can not refrain from laughing when the baby stretches a leg, and your tummy is tugging, trembling, flattening so that it then tugging again, like a moving jelly. As the pregnancy progresses, the baby seems to become more and more nervous, powerfully hitting the ribs, bladder, kidneys and other vital organs. It even makes a foolish habit to bombard you with your feet at night. Because it is up to you to schedule a Caesarean section before the deadline.

Therefore, the task is not always magical. And you don't have to feel guilty when you take magic. Do not be fooled by the happy pregnancy posts on Instagram, they have nothing to do with your reality. The experience of pregnancy is perceived differently by each woman. What we advise you is to fully enjoy every moment and experience during pregnancy!

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