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How to prepare your child for the first visit to the dentist

How to prepare your child for the first visit to the dentist

The child's first visit to the dentist, in which he is as aware of what is happening to him, should take place around the age of 2 and a half - 3 anisors. At this age, the little one has no experience of traumatic visits or terrifying stories about him, as have older children, who are afraid of him. At this age, it is not about fear of pain, but about fear of the unknown. It helps the child to have a pleasant experience when going to the dentist for the first time!

The child should be taken to the dentist from the age of 1 year, when not all the milk teeth have been given, and then every 6 to 6 months or once a year, depending on the doctor's recommendations. However, children begin to express fear and be reserved to enter the dentist's office only near 3 anisors, when all the milk teeth have erupted. At this visit, the doctor ensures that the teeth are healthy, grow upright and have no trace of tartar on them.

Preparing the child before visiting the dentist

The child should be prepared for the dentist a few days before going to the clinic. After you tell him that you are going to go to the "Dental Doctor", he begins to prepare you thoroughly, to remove his fears.

Choose a special clinic for children!

Always choose a dentist who specializes in working with children. You will easily relieve your work, because it will know exactly what to do to address the child and remove the fears that will try when placed on the chair. Be sure to talk to your doctor first and tell him or her that this is the baby's first visit to such a cabinet.

Talk to the child and simulate what will happen to him!

Then talk to the child and explain exactly what will happen in the cabinet. If his parents received proper care by this age, then caries are not a problem for him. Most likely, at the first visit, the doctor will analyze how the parents are growing and will give the child a professional descaling or brushing to remove any intention of any careers to settle on his / her dentists.

After you explain to him what will happen in the cabinet, turn to the role-playing games, to make him understand better. Pretend that you are the dentist and he is the patient. Place it on a chair or armchair similar to the one of the doctor and ask him to lie down with his head on his back. Then, take some plastic tools or toys similar to the instruments (make sure they are as colorful and funny), disinfect them well and ask them to open the mouth.

Gently touch your teeth, make a sound like a milling cutter and play a bit. Remember, from time to time, have him rinse his mouth with a little water and then spit. It is a good exercise, which will facilitate the dentist's work and better prepare the child for the procedures that the doctor will perform on his / her dentists.

Explain, however, that these are just toys, that the doctor will use real tools and that although he will feel the teeth, it is not a painful or impossible to bear sensation.

Go with the baby earlier to the clinic!

Familiarize the child with the clinic or practice, taking a tour before entering the doctor's office directly. Surely, if it is a special clinic for children, there will be plenty of toys and beautiful drawings around and everything will be colorful and appealing to his eyes.

Probably the dentist will have personalized equipment and instruments, in animal-shaped, colorful shapes, with funny heads, etc. All of this helps the child to feel comfortable in an environment that is usually so hostile. Meet the doctor before entering the office and be present in the office during the visit. If you leave him alone, he will be very scared, no matter how cute the dentist would be with him.

No matter how well you prepare your child for a dentist visit, you should always expect that crying, scandal, screaming and refusal may occur. If you feel that it is against and is not prepared, postpone the moment of the first visit to the dentist.

How did you prepare your child for the first dentist visit? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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