How children are affected by TV and telephone screens

How children are affected by TV and telephone screens

Gone are the times when the kids were playing to hide or hide in front of the house. Now they have been conquered by smartphones, laptops and TVs, which can hardly be separated from these gadgets of the modern world. Any family uses technology in different forms, because to admit it, it is practically impossible to live without a mobile phone, a television, a laptop or a tablet.

As technology has evolved, it is normal for children to keep up and become more and more interested in gadgets. The digital world is now part of childhood, even when babies are exposed. However, the American Pediatric Association recommends that no child under two years of age should have access to any electronic device. For the little ones past the age of two years, everything has to be done with the measure, so that the balance remains balanced.

The TV, friend and foe

The TV is recommended for cartoons, documentaries and children's movies, to develop their intelligence and creativity.

Moms should, however, not make a habit of letting their little ones watch for hours on television just because they are fascinated by the screen and are no longer jealous. Over time, this habit can be harmful. The little ones become dependent on a psychological stimulation produced by the images on the television instead of being sociable, playing with children their age. Thus, too much watching TV can "save" the child, can cause sleep disorders.

If you have the habit of having a family meal with the TV open, it is ideal to leave it on stations with quality, educational programs. Make time to talk to your child about what you watched on TV, encourage him to ask as many questions as possible. In your turn ask him about what you have been following, it is a simple way in which the little one will accumulate, step by step, knowledge that will prepare him for life.

Also, be careful that your little one does not sacrifice school-related activities, sports or friends to watch TV. The same is true for the mobile phone.

Mobile games, to the extent!

Not only the TV has conquered the little ones, but also the games on the laptop, either on the mobile phone or the tablet. You must not prohibit them from playing, but limit their time in front of the screen. The games must be adapted to the age of the little one, do not let him play until you know what it is, because many of the games may contain scenes of violence.

As long as the rules of time and content adapted to the age of the children are respected, games are recommended because they bring benefits such as increasing the ability to pay more attention to details, motivating them to carry out a task until the end, helping them to coordinate more. good. Games can also be a way for children to discover certain talents.

The place of the books, taken by Google?

The Internet seems to have conquered children and adolescents and in terms of information, because there they find answers to everything. But some experts believe that the Internet only provides information quickly, without letting the little ones use their mind and creativity to solve a problem. If you have a school child, you have surely surprised him in countless times by searching for Google reports or solving certain mathematical equations.

A parent needs to explain to the child that the Internet is indeed an important part of life, that it is helpful when we need a quick solution, it is a true encyclopedia, but to a greater extent it is good. let's also read books. Books are the ones that stimulate their creativity the most, prepare him for life by facing him all kinds of scenarios that he has not gone through.

How not to have a technology dependent child

The risks that children who are excessively exposed to a device are subject to are from sleep disorders, obesity risk, back problems, due to incorrect posture, headaches, to risk of irascibility, depression, apathy, tendency to isolate. .

For your little one not to become dependent on technology it is important to take action and set rules from an early age. At 16 years it will be much harder to make him understand the risks he is facing if he abuses gadgets, so you have to take measures early:

• you tell her that she is not allowed on the TV or on the mobile phone, unless you offer her an alternative. Spend time with him, play with each other, talk, go for a walk. Children need parental attention;

• If the TV is open 24 hours a day at your house, he will consider it normal and will not understand why you should only watch one or two hours a day when you tell him. Keep the TV open only when you watch your favorite show or news, don't let it go without being needed;

• Do not take your smartphone near you when you are at the table, neither at home nor at the restaurant, because you will give a negative example to the little one;

• does not make devices a badass. When you have something to do or see that the child gets bored, encourage him to play with toys or read, depending on his age;

• Do not keep laptops, computers or TV in the child's room, because they will tempt him. The TV should only be in the living room;

• as far as possible, it limits the games that involve mechanical and repetitive activities, they do not bring any benefit to the child's development;

• Children should not be forced offline from their mobile phones or games, because the forbidden fruit is always sweeter, and they will want to use the technology even more. What you have to do, as a parent, is to explain to them what the risks are, do not ask them in the wrong tone just to stop playing because they have to;

• boys are more concerned with games and technology, in general, as opposed to girls. They should also be directed to other activities, such as sports (swimming, tennis, soccer, handball).

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