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Discover smart bronze

Discover smart bronze

The BIODERMA Dermatological laboratories have launched Photoderm Bronze Brume SPF 50 / UVA 27, high photoprotection, internal and external, which activates, intensifies and extends the natural tan.

Photoderm Bronze Brume SPF 50 / UVA 27 activates, intensifies and prolongs the natural tan while the skin is protected from the harmful effect of ultraviolet.

Thanks to the unique Cellular Bioprotection patent, Photoderm Bronze Brume SPF 50 provides high protection against sunlight, prevents burns and skin aging. It confers a triple internal action: it protects the cellular DNA, strengthens the immunity of the cells and fights against the thermal shock.

Photoderm Bronze Brume SPF 50 / UVA 27, a fine fragrant oil with a moisturizing effect, quickly enters the skin without leaving oily film, and the skin becomes soft and soft.

The spray packaging and delicate perfume ensure a quick and pleasant application.

Photoderm Bronze Brume SPF 50 / UVA 27 ensures excellent tolerance: it does not contain alcohol, octocrylene or parabens.


Photoderm Bronze Brume SPF 50 / UVA 27 is applied evenly on the skin, in a generous amount, before each exposure to the sun. It is applied every 2 hours, before and after activities such as swimming, sports or when the product is eliminated by deletion.

Do not expose babies and young children to the sun. Prolonged sun exposure is a serious health threat.

Recommended price in pharmacies:

Photoderm Bronze Brume SPF50 / UVA 27, 200 ml - 99 RON

Dermatological laboratories BIODERMA, the inventors of cellular bioprotection, offer the safest anti-UV protection for all skin types sensitive to the sun and for the skin with specific needs: oily / acneic skin, cuperotic skin, atopic skin, fragile skin of children, hyperpigmented skin, damaged skin.