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Explore the world of dinosaurs with the Discovery School!

Explore the world of dinosaurs with the Discovery School!

The children who watch the Discovery School, every Friday from 3pm, will have a 10 from the office on the subject "dinosaurs". After an hour of broadcasting they will know more about dinosaurs than all their friends all in one place!

From February to April, Discovery Channel introduces a new topic to the Discovery School - dinosaurs. Each Friday, at 3pm and resuming on the weekend, Discovery will broadcast an hour-long program about dinosaurs. In addition, on the site Discovery School was created a dedicated section - dinosaurs - where children can see how different species of dinosaur looked, read articles about the latest discoveries related to these reptiles or download games and activities related to the world of dinosaurs.

"If so far the students were looking at the Discovery School for math, physics, chemistry or biology lessons, starting with February we have added a series of programs dedicated to dinosaurs, because we know that there is a fascination among children about these animals. The site dinosaurs includes not only information about the most popular dinosaurs that lived hundreds of millions of years ago, but also recommendations regarding activities that can be carried out in school or at home, for different categories. from age, from colorful dinosaurs to debates about their lifestyle and environment, "said Ada Roseti, Program Director, Southeast Europe, Discovery Networks CEEMEA.

Titles such as The World of Dinosaurs: The Winners of Evolution, The War of Dinosaurs, or The Truth About Dinosaurs, featuring computer-generated imagery and special effects, recreate a world gone hundreds of millions of years ago.