Constant care of the baby's skin and proper bath

Constant care of the baby's skin and proper bath

Tips given by pediatrician Roxana Rusu Pusca, expert Pampers

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Baby skin care

How do we properly clean baby's eyes?

Always, cleaning the baby's skin starts with washing the face. First of all, wash the eyes, using for each one a different sterile compress, to avoid transmitting a possible disease from one eye to the other. The sterile compresses should be moistened with physiological serum or warm water (which was previously boiled and then cooled), and the washing starts from the cleanest corner of the eye, so as not to spread the secretions all over its surface.

How do we wipe baby's nose and ears?

The nose and ears are wiped only on the surface, without introducing cracks inside. For the ears, it is recommended to tampon with a thin towel, insisting on the outer area of ​​the ear, in the one behind it and especially on the skin. For the dismantling of the nose, the drops with physiological serum, the spray with sea water and, possibly, the aspiration of the secretions if necessary.

How do we take care of the baby's face and angles?

The cuffs and face should be washed whenever needed, especially the mouth and nose area, to remove traces of milk after the meal or saliva. Also, the nails will be cut with a scissors with rounded tips, taking into account the sudden movements of the little one. This avoids possible accidents that may occur if a standard scissor is used.

What is the right navel toilet?

The umbilical area is cleaned well, both before it falls, and after it has fallen. Great care must be taken to ensure that this area is always clean and dry. Until complete healing, the area will be buffered with medicinal alcohol or betadine and then applied bacitracin powder.

Proper baby feeding

Essential for healthy skin is the daily bath of the little one, regardless of the season. The water temperature will be 35-36 degrees Celsius and will be measured subjectively with the elbow or with a special thermometer, while the temperature of the bathroom will be between 24-25 degrees Celsius.

In the tub, first put the cold water and then the hot water and mix well. Water will not be added to the tub as long as the little one is in it. The water depth should be no more than 10 cm, covering half of the baby's body, which will be permanently supported by the mother's hand. A folded towel will be placed under the baby's head to hold it above the water.

First, wash the face, eyes, ears and neck and then the head and the rest of the body. After the bath, the baby will be carefully wiped with a soft, clean towel, paying attention to the folds, ears, after which special creams and oils for skin care for children can be applied.

It is necessary that baby products (body milk, cream, soap, shampoo) be created under medical control, hypoallergenic, with pH similar to the skin, do not contain dyes (parabens) or perfumes and be dermatologically tested.

Skin irritation may occur due to long lasting baths (over 10 minutes), increased water temperature (over 37 degrees Celsius), which dries the skin, increased temperature in the baby's room (over 26 degrees Celsius). In the first months of life, the baby is very sensitive to environmental factors. Thus, regardless of the season, the small room should not be overheated or poorly ventilated and a humidity of 60% must be ensured.

The skin of the baby contains a lot of nerve endings that react easily to external stimuli. Therefore, the use of a diaper with high absorption power is essential at this age.

Due to the superior technology Dry Max, the new one Pampers Premium Care provides protection for up to 12 hours against moisture. This eliminates the risk of the diaper rubbing on the baby's skin or allowing fluid to leak around it. It is very important that the baby's skin is dry and protected from moisture, inappropriate temperatures or contact with different tissues that can injure the epidermis.

Using Pampers Premium diapers next to the wet Pampers Sensitive napkins will give any mom the opportunity to give her baby or the protection and skin care she needs. These are dermatologically tested and contain a special lotion that helps restore the natural pH level, acting as a protective layer for the skin.

So, moms may feel they are making the best decision for their baby when they choose to use Pampers Premium Care for a 5-star protection of their baby's skin.

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