The storytelling architecture

The storytelling architecture

The storytelling architecture

Project within the cultural program of architecture
Opening of schools to the architecture and built environment
"De-a architectura" is a cultural program that aims to familiarize children with the notions of architecture and urbanism, by direct observation and creative application of them by them, the purpose being the development of urban and architectural landmarks that will form a minimal knowledge bag. general culture in these areas.
The objectives of this cultural program are the introduction of non-formal architecture education in the school curriculum to increase the level of urban culture and civic responsibility in society. At the same time, the program also seeks to increase the visibility of professionals in architecture and urbanism, understanding what their mission and role are in society.

The first project of this cultural program is called "The architecture in my city" and it is a course of architecture and environment built for the optional discipline from the third or fourth grades of primary education.
This year is in the piloting period in 7 schools in Bucharest. From 2013/2014 we intend to be certified as an optional course program at national level.
The story architecture is a complementary project to which we propose to invite in front of the students from the primary classes, but also the high schools, notorious architects from Romania to talk to them about architecture, illustrating this with an experience or a concrete project from their practice. .
This approach aims to familiarize children with positive and concrete examples of architecture, but also with the social role of architecture and architect.


The guest (s) will tell the students an experience or a concrete project of architecture. A short story presented in an interactive way, with a language adapted to the age of the audience. The story will not last more than 30 minutes and will be punctuated by questions addressed to the public, being illustrated by pictures and / or models. The presentation will also have an interactive / application part, at the choice of the guest, in which children through play and experiment can understand various concepts or conventions of architecture. The meeting will be led by the architect and will be assisted by the teachers. The introduction will be made by an "architecture" representative (Eliza Yokina). The public will be made up of students (two classes, so a total of 50 - 60 children), their teachers and possibly volunteer parents.


• Familiarize children with the role of the architect in society and the relationship between the activity of architecture and the quality of the built environment;

• Offering valuable models through the example of the personality that makes the presentation;

• Awakening the interest towards the built environment;

• Familiarity with contemporary and heritage architecture;

• Civic responsibility


1. At the request of the interested classes / schools it may be held as an event of the school, at a date established by them, in the hall of celebrations / conferences / sports.
2. As an extracurricular activity, within the week "Altfel school, (Week 1 - April 5, 2013).

Guest Architects

Cristina Constantin, Mirela Vladuta, Cosmin Pavel | "The house grows large";
A story about how people and homes grow together.
Irina Bancescu, Andrei Serbescu | "Beyond and beyond the door";

"Alice tried the little golden key in the door lock and, to her delight, it fit! Open the door and see that it gave in a very narrow passage space, no wider than a mouse hole; kneel and look down. along it and you see the most beautiful garden I have ever seen. ... Oh, what I wish I could do as a telescope! And I think I could, if only I knew how to get started. " (Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland, ch. 1)

Robert Marin | "Architecture for imaginary friends";

In the correct architecture the form follows the function, but sometimes, without departing too much from the function, the form also visits less objective conditions such as ... the beginning. We will discuss formalism as a relationship tool, as an agent of memory, as a shell that can keep behind it and the "good taste" and "nutritional values".
Dorin Stefan | "Architecture, a covering";
The architecture-clothing analogy a 'live' comparison - parade between clothing and architecture.
Loredana Bruma | "About the past, for the future";
The event aims to increase children's interest in the importance of preserving the architectural heritage in the development of the city. What does heritage mean? What is his connection to the city and to the people? Why is it important to take care of him and how can we do that?
Cristi and Alex | "City of things and happenings" introductory workshop for urban exploration
We live in the city. And we all do the city. But who are we from Bucharest? We are also pedestrians, cyclists, grandparents, eyewearers, students, or profi, and neighbors, sellers, nuggets, drivers, skaters or footmen, but not only, also Bucharest residents are also nesters, bishops, or elbows, who cross in four legs on the zebra, fishing in Dambovita, gather in the evening in large flocks, and circle in the night at the light of the bulbs. The city is diverse and full of unknowns: observe, explore and act!

One | "Fantastic House"

House G has this fantastic character. It is an escape from "real" life. You will find out why!
Irina Melita, Stefan Simion | "What do you want to do when you're big?"
If you are 10 years old on April 5, 2013, we concluded that most likely by 2030 you will start as an architect to change the world through the projects you will do. The world or the moon because the project of the first construction on our big natural satellite is already ready. What can we tell you now about what you will do then? We don't know ... but after our little talk, we hope that when you are asked what you want to do when you are older, when you see the fireman, the doctor or the police, we hope to make room for them and the Architect who, like the others, has magical powers.


Xella Romania "High School" package and "Carol I" University Central Library Bucharest
Project in the program "To know more, to be better!" (School otherwise) April 1-5, 2013.
The event will take place at the "Carol I" Central University Library Classroom, Bucharest. The entrance from Calea Victoriei no. 88, behind the statue.
The access is made on the basis of programming and ticket. The ticket issued upon registration is valid for one class. The cost of the ticket through the care of the partners is already covered.

Concept and development of cultural program:
The Architecture Association;
arch coordinator Eliza Yokina
[email protected]

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