8 father-child activities

8 father-child activities

The time that the father spends with the child and the activities or games that they undertake together contribute to the strengthening of the parent-child relationship, but also to the harmonious and beautiful development of the child. In the conditions in which the fathers tend to spend less time with the children than the mothers, here are some fun and educational activities that the father can carry out with the little one and which will always remember with pleasure and nostalgia, over the years!

Hiking or outdoor excursions

The 2-3 day excursion with the father, outdoors, is a tradition commonly found in American culture among parents. It has been taken over in more and more parenting cultures and styles and has become one of those unique father-child activities and very educational for the little one.

So, schedule a weekend trip in the middle of nature, along with your child. You can spend the nights at the tent, gather wood and make a camp fire or cook in the middle of nature. You can undertake a lot of activities from which the child can learn useful things in his development and education.

In addition, it offers the chance for the father to hold open and honest discussions with the child and to offer important parenting advice.

At fishing

Like the trip in the middle of nature, fishing with the child is another very fun and educational father-child activity. Although it is an activity more favored by the boy, the girls do not get along either by participating in the throwing of the waves, preparing the bait and catching the fishers. It is an activity that teaches the child to have patience, but also develops his skill.

Bicycle rides

If your dad likes to ride his bike a lot in parks, suggest sending an invitation to the child. They can be some of those moments that they can spend together and from which their relationship can have a lot of benefit. In addition, cycling is one of the main ways you encourage your child to stay fit and stay away from computer or TV addiction.

Role playing games

Role-playing games offer the father and the child a variety of characters in which they could be transposed to play different roles. They can become sports, cartoon or movie characters or they can get into the skin of the doctor and the patient, the teacher and the student. From all these games, the child learns useful things for education, but also spends quality time with his parent.

Participation in a football match, basketball, handball, etc.

You should not pass the childhood of your little one and not have gone at least with his father to a football match or another sporting activity. It is a unique and fascinating experience for the little one, which he will never forget.

Picnic on the green grass

Another type of outdoor activity that will bring the father closer to the child is the picnic. Prepare a special basket with goodies, go to a park or an area specially designed for such activities and enjoy beautiful moments together to discover and get to know each other better.

A football match, basketball, etc.

The daddy can cause the chuckle at a football or basketball game, to make a little movement together, but also to relax a little. It is a more "manly" activity, which the dads prefer to do with the boys, but if your little girl is a sportswoman, do not hesitate to propose to the dad to join a match.

Car wash or barbecue preparation

Involving the child in washing the car or preparing the barbecue is another opportunity for the father to spend quality time with the child. In addition, the two combine useful with pleasure and ... relaxation! On the one hand, the father washes his car or prepares his lunch or dinner, but he also enjoys unique moments in the company of his boyfriend, giving him the opportunity to get to know him better or to get closer to him.

Do you know any other relaxing and fun activities that dads can do with their children? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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