Administration of contraceptives without interruption

Administration of contraceptives without interruption


- For three years I have been taking "Marvelon" contraceptives without interruption. Would you like to tell me the implications of contraceptive administration without interruption, at least every 6 months?


Regarding this topic, the doctors' opinions are divided: some consider that a break of 2-3 months every two years is necessary, and other doctors do not consider this pause necessary. In fact, contraceptive manufacturers say that when using COC (combined oral contraceptives) there is no need for a break, as they can be administered in the long term.
So if you still need contraception and if there are no side effects of its administration, then you can continue without a break; But do not forget and do not neglect the periodic checks to the gynecologist (twice a year).
And if you decide at some point to discontinue the administration of contraceptives, keep in mind that it should be done only at the end of a film and not in the middle, because otherwise hormonal disorders with unwanted clinical manifestations may occur.

His own view is that a break at least two years is welcome both for the body in general, and for the ovary in particular; but do not forget that during the period when you do not use contraceptives you must use other contraceptive methods to avoid an unwanted pregnancy (condoms, calendar method, etc.).
Dr. Ciprian Pop-Began
- Obstetrics and Gynecology - Clinical Hospital of Obstetrics-Gynecology Prof. Dr. Panait Sarbu
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