I'm a princess, a new Disney Channel initiative

I'm a princess, a new Disney Channel initiative

Discover the princess within you

Disney Chanel launches Women's Day (March 8) a new initiative for students between the ages of 6 and 8. Through a promo that will be broadcast permanently during breaks between Disney Channel Romania shows, young viewers will find out that there is no need to wear the most beautiful dresses or live in a castle to feel like Disney princesses. Any girl can be a princess if she is brave, loyal, trustworthy, gentle, generous and shows compassion to others.

In the promotional film you can see Alba as Snow, Ariel, Belle, Cinderella and Rapunzel, along with ordinary girls, but who are princesses in the environment and in the community in which they live. The list of characters is impressive and includes musicians and gardeners, an archer, a surfer, a gymnast, a scientist, a kart driver, a rider, a chess player and a little girl who cares for her grandmother. In addition, they are all very good friends, and their role is to show viewers how a real princess behaves.

The videos will be broadcast on the Disney Channel from March 8 to April 1 and will be followed by the appearance of the Academy of Princesses, an interactive game that will be available on the website, from May to June.

This spring, the Disney Channel will broadcast shows full of magic and charm, in which you can see the long-loved Disney Princesses. You will be able to follow Mulan's adventures, starting in April; Cinderella, starting March 8, in "Cinderella 1" and March 30 in "Cinderella 2" and "Sofia I" starting with April. Many other Disney Princesses are waiting to delight you with their stories throughout this spring.