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Christmas symbols

Christmas symbols

Christmas is celebrated on December 25 every year. On this day, Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. There are different customs and traditions around the world related to Christmas. Santa Claus first appeared in the Netherlands. The tradition of Santa who brings gifts on the night of the Birth of the Lord developed after the appearance of St. Nicholas, who was a real person. St. Nicholas was the guardian of the boys' school and brought gifts to the children.

The idea of ​​a Santa coming down the aisle and bringing presents to children first appeared in Norway, where the children were hanging fireplace socks. The Christmas tree has a pagan origin. When the pagans became Christians, they used the tree (the holy tree) for this holiday, decorating it with nuts and candles. They sang Christmas carols and danced around the fir tree.

The specific colors of the Christmas holidays are red and green. Nowadays, Christmas activities include carols, gifts, Christmas greetings, dinners and parties with family or friends.

Here are some of the most important symbols of Christmas and their meanings:

Jesus Christ

Christmas celebrates the Birth of Jesus Christ. In the Christian conception, Jesus is the son of God and of the Virgin Mary and the Savior of the world.

He came to the world on a frigid winter night, at the exit of an animal stall near Bethlehem. Heated only by the breath of animals, the Son of the Lord was born to keep the world from the sin of the ancestor.

Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mary is the mother of Jesus. Married to Joseph, she receives the news that she will give birth to the Son of the Lord from the Archangel Gavriil.

Christmas carols

In Orthodox religion, carols are considered a way to proclaim the Birth of the Lord. The custom of carols seems to be a pagan origin. The carols being sung in old age only at the passage of the New Year. The carolers were also rewarded with apples, coles, nuts or meats.

The carols present the event of the Birth of Jesus Christ, the way of the Virgin Mary to the station where she was born and to the shepherds to the place of His Birth.

It is said that by receiving carols to sing to them, Christians receive the news of the Birth of Jesus.

The star

The star of Bethlehem guided the magi to the place where Jesus was born, symbolizing the power of God. Today it is placed at the top of the ornate tree, and the carolers carry it with them between Christmas and Bobotate when they sing "Star on the rise".

The three magicians

The three magicians from the East traveled to see and worship Jesus, the king of the Jews. Guided by the star from heaven, they brought gifts to the Son: gold, myrrh and incense. The carol that best represents the story of the three magi is "Star up".

Christmas tree decorating

Through its triangular shape, the tree symbolizes the Holy Trinity, and the ornaments with which it is adorned are the symbols of knowledge and wealth. The ornate fir tree is considered the tree of life, the fertilizer tree. This is also the reason why in some regions of the country it was used not only for Christmas, but also for weddings.

Today, the decoration of the fir tree is just one of the customs that gather the family on the eve of Easter. The colored globules, the stuffing and the light bulbs are complemented by the star at the top of the tree and, of course, by the gifts that Mosul is going to bring and leave under the tree to be found by the children the next day.


The custom says that couples in love and even older couples should kiss under a twig. The kiss of a young couple is considered to be a marriage promise.

The vase is the symbol of peace and joy and, more than that, like the fir tree, the vase is a symbol of eternal life.


The church bells ring today to announce the birth of Jesus Christ and to gather Christians to rejoice together. This is also the symbol of the bells used by carols around Christmas.

Saint Nicholas

Santa Nicolae, or San Nicoara, as he was known in Transylvania, is a personification of Saint Nicholas, bishop of Myra. Tradition says that he appears on a white horse and gives gifts to good and obnoxious children to non-listeners.

Unlike Santa who leaves the gifts under the tree, Santa Nicolae slips the gifts in the children's boots. Therefore, the little ones have to make sure that in the evening of Santa Nicolae they carefully clean their boots and place them at the window to receive their presents.

Santa Claus

A cheerful, lively old man, with a red nose and cheeks, dressed in red straps and a white beard, descends on the eve of the night on the house's horn to leave presents for the children. The gifts are left by Santa under the ornate fir tree.

In order to make Santa's journey from one house to another easier and faster, tradition says that Santa comes in a magical sled drawn by reindeers flying over the houses. With the help of reindeer and his magic sleigh, Santa manages to reach all the children around the world in one evening.


Reindeer are the animals chosen by Santa to pull his sleigh. The reindeer names are: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolf. Rudolf the one with the red nose is the best known of them.

Christmas gifts

The first Christmas gifts were given to Jesus at birth by the magi, but another story says that the custom of giving Christmas presents originates in the custom of Saint Nicholas to give gifts to children and the unmarried.

Christmas greetings

The Christmas greetings are sent to share with your loved ones beautiful thoughts and wishes on the occasion of this holiday. In 1843, Sir Henry Cole made 1,000 Christmas cards to be printed. Thus the custom of sending greetings was born.

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