Win a dream trip with Heidi!

Win a dream trip with Heidi!

Enjoy Heidi Chocolate and get ready for the adventure in three easy steps: "Taste, Win, Travel".

Heidi sends you on a dream vacation if you participate in the promotion organized in partnership with the SWISS airline.

New York (USA), Zurich (Switzerland), Florence (Italy), Muscat (Oman) - these are the destinations where you could reach a dear person. All you have to do is buy any 2 Heidi chocolate tablets from the Gourmette, Grand'Or, Dark or Pure range, register on the website www.heidicampaign.com and keep the packaging and the voucher or the tax invoice for validation of the prize.

The promotion runs simultaneously in Romania, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic between 25.10.2012 - 31.12.2012, and the total value of the prizes is 12,500 euros (VAT included). The campaign rules can be found on www.heidicampaign.com.

Chocolate destinations

If you win a vacation to New York (USA), you will have the opportunity to taste, see and listen to the temptations of the world's largest metropolis.

Zurich (Switzerland) is the mother country of chocolate. Your tastes will be delighted by the most refined assortments of chocolate created right where this delight originates.

The experience of an oriental fairy tale can be lived in Muscat (Oman). Here await you the colorful bazaars, the great aromas of myrtle and musk, the enchanting beaches and unforgettable landscapes.

The pampering is at his home in Florence (Italy), one of the most spiritual places on earth, a city of art and fashion.

Four contest flavors

Gourmette it is more than chocolate. In this assortment, the most aromatic and crunchy ingredients sprinkled over the chocolate tablet with milk, white or bitter are combined harmoniously.

In chocolate Grand'Or live a world of tastes that perfectly complements. Whole hazelnuts, walnuts pulled in honey or a layer of caramelized almonds are paired with the fine taste of white chocolate, milk or bitter.

Live a unique sensory experience with chocolate dark. Its aromas add flavor to the rich, fruity, sweet-bitter taste of quality dark chocolate.

Pamper yourself with chocolate pure, with an extraordinary taste enriched by the increased milk content and delicate vanilla aroma.