Secom expands the chain of presentation and sale shops

Secom expands the chain of presentation and sale shops

Secom®, an authority leader in integrative medicine solutions that respond to the needs of a healthy lifestyle of modern humans, opened on January 22, 2014 two new presentation and sale stores, in Bucharest and Ploiesti. Thus, Secom® company reaches four own retail points and continues the long-term development plan started in the spring of last year.

The two new stores are located on Iuliu Maniu Boulevard no. 59, in the area Veterans Market in sector 6 of the Capital, respectively the boulevard of the Republic no. 181 from Ploiesti, at the intersection with Banesti street. Two other Secom® stores are located in Bucharest on Stirbei Voda street no. 150, where the Secom® Naturopathic Consulting Center is located, and on Stefan cel Mare road no. 22. The latter were opened in April 2013.

The opening of two new stores reinforces the company's promise to be as close as possible to those concerned with health and to provide exceptional quality products and services easily accessible from as many regions.

"Here, now, in the first month of 2014, no year after the opening of the first Secom® stores, we are one step closer to ensuring our presence in the proximity of the customers from all sectors of Bucharest, but also of those from the country. We are rapidly moving towards achieving the objective of having a network of presentation and sale shops extended throughout the country and we intend to continue offering, through all activity points, the same products and services of exceptional quality, as we have done and so far, "says Andrei Costea, Managing Partner Secom®.

Newly opened stores keep the innovative Secom® concept, which associates naturopathic consultancy in choosing the right products, offered on the spot, to the highest standard, with the opportunity to participate in health information and education events. Secom® stores are the interface through which the company wants to facilitate communication with those who need informed information about choosing premium food supplements and maintaining contact with those who manage the products in the company's portfolio.

At the same time, Secom® stores are the result of the desire to create a culture of responsible and informed administration of food supplements, for the best results both in maintaining optimal health and complementary to allopathic medicine, in balancing deficiencies.

In the company's stores are available products imported into Romania exclusively by Secom® from 9 international brands: Nature's Way®, Boericke & Tafel®, Solaray®, KAL®, ChildLife® Essentials, Jarrow Formulas®, China-Japan Feida Union®, Essiac® Int'l Canada and Mushroom Wisdom®.

Secom® company specializes in the import, promotion and marketing of natural health products. From the beginning, Secom® has gained its position as trendsetter, being the first company to introduce medicinal mushrooms, standardized plant extracts and innovative ingredients such as colostrum, glutathione, resveratrol, 5-HTP and many more on the Romanian market.

Currently, the Secom® portfolio covers the whole range of conditions, comprising over 180 100% natural products, most of them unique on the Romanian market - vitamins and minerals, standardized extracts of plants, fruits and vegetables, phyto-homeopathic formulas, medicinal mushrooms, glandular extracts, amino acids, enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics, a special line of baby products and medicinal creams.