How to avoid headaches

How to avoid headaches

The headaches are the nightmare of the good mood, as they stubbornly make their presence felt exactly when they shouldn't. Isn't it so that every time the world is dearer to you and you have more fun, you get a headache that cuts off your head from anything? It is almost in their "threads" to appear at the most inopportune times and to give you all the plans.

To this day, when we say STOP to the headaches and we propose the best and fastest ways to keep them away from your body and turn them into a memory!

Relax as much as possible!

One of the main causes of triggering unpleasant headaches is stress or nervous tension. To prevent these uncomfortable seizures by which your head warns you that it is appropriate to let it soften with stress, use rapid relaxation techniques when you feel stressed.

Get away from the stress factor and go to the gym, take a short walk or some breathing exercises, read a magazine or relax with a spa treatment. Any anti-stress remedy is welcome as long as it has a rapid and long-term effect.

Constantly ventilate the rooms where you spend a lot of time!

Closed air and lack of oxygen in the house or in the spaces where you spend a lot of time is another trigger factor for headaches that you can easily prevent. Dust, smoke and other irritants or pollutants found in enclosed rooms can cause and aggravate headaches.

A fresh mouth of oxygen may be all you need to stop such pain in time. It is advisable to air frequently the spaces where you tend to spend hours in a row, especially those at home and at work.

Drink enough water!

Headaches are among the first symptoms of dehydration. If you know you are not big water lover and you tend to "forget" to drink fluids, you can consider dehydration as being responsible for these pains.

Besides hydrating you, it has been shown that water also has a calming effect when the pain is already present. So, whenever you feel your head hurt, drink a full glass of water before taking any other medicine.

He does constant sports!

Active people, who frequently move and play sports, are less prone to headaches than sedentary ones. Sport releases endorphins and hormones of good mood in the body, oxygenates the brain and reduces stress. So, your body has no reason to "squirm" with unbearable headache!

Enough sleep!

And lack of sleep can be a trigger for headaches. When you fall asleep or have an uneasy sleep, you simply add an extra stress factor to your body's shoulders and cause ailments that are manifested by headaches and other unpleasant symptoms.

Eat healthy!

Order in the daily menu and fine-tune your diet. One of the many reasons that doctors recommend healthy eating is the prevention of anemia and, therefore, of headaches. Anemia can be caused by an unbalanced or chaotic diet.

When you do not provide the body with the vitamins and substances it needs - especially iron - it warns you that it "suffers" and one of the symptoms is headache. Adopt a balanced diet, consisting of 5 meals per day - 3 main and 2 snacks.

Make sure there are at least 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables per day in the menu. Stay away from fatty foods, industrially processed and rich in harmful food additives.

Improve your body posture!

One of the common causes of headaches is incorrect body posture. When you go crouching or sit very high in the office chair, your body posture tends to change and problems appear in the back, spine and beyond.

The pressure that an incorrect posture exerts on the spine can lead to headaches. Always make sure you go as straight as possible and adopt the correct positions at the desk or table that will not deform your column and, by default, your posture.

Do you know any other methods for preventing headaches? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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