When we introduce apricot into the child's diet

When we introduce apricot into the child's diet

Caisa is part of the fruit-friendly category of the baby's stomach and has a low risk of allergies, which is why it is considered among the first solid foods offered to the baby, at the beginning of diversification. It has a lovely aroma and a sweet scent that spoils and enchants even the taste buds of the sweetest baby!

Discover the right age for introducing the apricot in the diversified menu, the selection criteria of this type of fruit for shopping, but also the most suitable methods of preparation and serving of this food! Don't forget to take a look at our list of baby apricot recipes, to change your little one's menu and delight him with tasty dishes at every meal!

When is it fed?

The apricots are part of the fruit that can be introduced in the baby's menu between 6 and 8 months, especially in the summer months, when it is their season. If the child reaches this age, then there is no problem. You can offer it for tasting and at older ages. It is advisable to consume in the hot season, when you find on the market a rich, varied and healthier offer than in the rest of the year.

What vitamins and minerals contains?

Caisa is one of the foods with the highest content of vitamin A and beta-carotene, essential nutrients for the growth and development of the baby. But besides this, the fruit is rich in a lot of other nutrients valuable for health:


Vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B9 (folic acid);
C vitamin;
Vitamin E.


Iron (contains a large amount of this mineral);

How do you choose the right apricots?

The main criteria to consider when choosing apricots for baby's table are:

intense orange color; and the intensely yellow ones are good, but you risk being ripe insufficient and sour;

• consistency should be slightly soft to the touch, but not as much as changing its shape at the lowest pressure;

• the bark must be impeccable, without bumps, blows or blemishes.

What tables do you introduce?

As with other starter fruits - banana, apple, pear, nectarine, mango - apricot must be introduced at 10:00 in the morning, before the milk table.

How do you prepare and serve it?

At the beginning of the diversification of the diet, the most advisable thing is that the fruit is thermally prepared, in order to be easier to digest. The most suitable cooking methods are steaming or baking. It is served clean of the peel and in the form of creamy puree.

Later, at the age of 9-10 months, the apricot can be served and raw, as finger food (snacks), in the form of chunks but still without crust.

What other foods can you associate with it?

Caisa is versatile, it can be combined with a lot of other ingredients, in delicious recipes for the baby. Specialists recommend it in combination with other fruits with similar texture - peaches, nectarines, bananas, apples, mango etc. - but also with cereals, cow cheese or yogurt.

Recipes with apricot for babies

6-7 months
Apple and apricot
Peaches and apricots

At what age did you introduce apricot to the diversification of baby nutrition? What are the recipes your little one loves? Tell us your suggestions for preparing this fruit in the comments section below!

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