Top 5 Strategies to Get Rid of Allergens from Your Home

Top 5 Strategies to Get Rid of Allergens from Your Home

Breathing. An automatic act by which we have engaged in life since the mother's womb. We take it as such, without worrying too much about the inconvenience caused by a spring with excess pollen, the dust in the house or a cold that fills our corks like nostrils.

But the problems of breathing worry those who study the course.

Generation Z will have to learn the ABC of breathing

The World Health Organization warns that the next generation will face it, more than ever:

- Allergies caused by dust;
- Strangers;
- High airway discomfort;
- Eye secretions;
- Nasal horses most of the time clogged.

In short, our children will experience a collapse of physical comfort, while allergies will dictate daily living.

The fight with mites (those invisible organisms with the naked eye and which are everywhere through carpets, sheets, clothes, dogs and cats, or children's toys) is lost outside the house, but the war can be won when you choose the battlefield. .

Proceeds like any brilliant strategist. Make a defensive plan (after all, the invader is dust) and take our advice.

Top 5 strategies to get rid of allergens

1. Clean dusty books well

Dust spreads most easily on books. The library, the least ventilated area, effectively camouflages mold and dust.

From here until problems arise, it is only one step. Books are the perfect environment for mites to multiply, you leaf through them once and your breathing becomes more difficult. The spray of furniture does not help here, the chemicals it blows do nothing but increase your cough. That is why you need efficient methods of dust removal. Use a simple microfiber cloth, which will act as a sponge, absorbing bacteria.

2. How to effectively clean the carpets

Carpets are the detail that makes the difference when it comes to the warmth and comfort of a home. You love to see the little ones play quietly on the carpet and you like the feeling you have when your feet sink into the fluffy fabric. But carpets are also the place where you gather as much as you can with impressive amounts of dust. Only, fortunately, in this case you have a reliable ally: the vacuum cleaner. A high-performance device with a filter as the current technology is the one that will get rid of all the dust and allergens, your home becoming, thanks to him, a safe environment for you and your family.

3. Do not bring outside dust into the house

A significant amount of dust and allergens arrive in your home daily and responsible for this is just you. We know it sounds accusatory, but how many times have you not walked in the house because you forgot something or because the little one just broke it by running to the door before you started to lower it? Studies say that over 80% of the germs in your home get here from the soles of the shoes. And since it is quite complicated to keep a disinfectant at the door, it is best to remove yourself from the entrance to the house and store your shoes in a suitable space. This way you protect your children, more sensitive when it comes to the microorganisms that come to you at home on this path.

4. Keeps the bath dry

Even if it seems like an impossible mission, you need to find a way to do it, because the humid environment is the perfect place where bacteria and viruses can multiply and mold is a serious danger. Fortunately, the solution is a very simple one: all you have to do is provide proper ventilation to the room. Keep the window open all the time or install a fan if your bathroom does not have a window. Another solution could be a dehumidifier, which you can use, as needed, in other rooms in the house.

5. Involve your child in cleaning the house

Even if you are convinced that more would help you than help, involving your children in the cleaning process is not a bad idea at all. If you ask them to help you, they will be very happy to do so and will learn useful habits when it comes to hygiene. Depending on their age, you can put them, beyond the toys, and remove dust, use a mop, wash dishes or clean the sink or bathtub. If they are accustomed to always keep their things in order and be careful when it comes to cleaning, you will have fewer places where dust will be gathered and a home more friendly to the health of the little ones.

In addition, the child learns by the power of example. If he sees his parent giving with the vacuum cleaner, he will enter the role of adult and imitate the gesture with the utmost seriousness, so it is unfortunate that you will not take advantage of it.

How do you make sure that there are no dangerous allergens in your home and the environment is as safe as possible for your child?

Photo source: unsplash.com