Letter to my child

Letter to my child

In the month of the children we invited the mothers from our community to write to us on the forum, in the form of a letter addressed to their children, as well as how they love their children and how their lives have changed since their arrival in the world.

In the following lines we present the letter that gathered the most votes from you:

Letter to my Nazdravanians

You are not mine in fact, you are humanity, the whole world, the universe. I would tell you so many things about life, about friendship, about knowledge, about science, sun and stars, about people and love, but I do not tell you, I try to show you and taste them together.

What is really important is to be imprinted, to mumble, to make the Nazdravans, to laugh, to play and to be always curious.

Many years after Children's Day, one day you will be big and you will reach the branches of the trees like Dad.

I wrote this poem after Tudor was born, now it's for both:

I learn to embroider.

One eye, one saddle,

The flower,

A thread of water,

Tomorrow a whole story

As it was,

About how I looked at you

And I fell in love

Of you more and more.

I embroidered a strip of canvas,

Floral motifs,

Love story

About how I met you

And I loved your face so much.

I embroider stories for children,

My voice - colored thread,

My words - unspoken dreams

Written on a piece of canvas.

You will read them one day -

I am for you.