Salmon bruschetta

Salmon bruschetta


1 box of Delaco Something Fine Cream of Cheese with Cream

6 slices of bread

6 slices of smoked salmon fillets


3 strands of green onion

1 small capsicum pepper

a few dill leaves

Method of preparation

Today we prepare a nutritious snack for children, with Ceva Fin cheese and salmon.

Cut the green onion in two, separating the white stem from the leaves. Chop the white strainer and mix with cream cheese.

Fry the slices of bread well on both sides (on the stove or in the toaster), then grease each side of each slice with a little butter for flavor.

Then grease each slice with the cream cheese mixed with the onion, then place on top a slice of salmon fillets.

Garnish each bruschetta with dill leaves, place them on a platter, then sprinkle on top the chopped bell pepper and the chopped green onion.

In this way we assure you that your little ones will get the necessary portion of vitamins from both vegetables and fish.

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