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Week 17 of pregnancy

Week 17 of pregnancy

Article reviewed by Dr. Anca Panaitescu, specialist obstetrics-gynecologist, Clinical Hospital Philanthropy

The worries of this period can become overwhelming, which is not desirable. To avoid this, seek to talk to more people who have gone through the pregnancy experience, ask for help from the family, and strive to be as orderly as possible, to plan ahead as much as you can.

How big is the baby at week 17 of pregnancy

Your baby is like a pomegranate in the 17th week of pregnancy. It weighs about 140 grams and is about 13 centimeters long.

Pregnancy at 17 weeks: how your baby grows

He can move his legs and legs, and his skeleton - until now cartilaginous - begins to harden and ossify. And the sense of hearing develops. Soon you will be able to distinguish loud sounds from outside the belly and hear the blood flow through your blood vessels, as well as your heartbeat.

The umbilical cord, its vital connection with the placenta, grows stronger and becomes thicker. Through the umbilical cord, the nutrients necessary for its growth reach the baby's body.

At week 17, it starts to accumulate under the skin of the fat girl. It helps maintain the temperature of the baby's body when it is born and will suddenly pass from the heat inside the uterus to the outside atmosphere, which is very different. This process will continue in the coming weeks and will be accelerated in the third quarter. As fat accumulates under the skin, it becomes less transparent.

Also this week the eyebrows and hairs on the child's head and body continue to grow. The eyes and nervous system continue to develop.

The baby continues to have hiccups which, although you cannot hear, you can feel, especially if you are on the second task.

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Do not forget: Every baby develops slightly differently - even in your body. Our information is intended to give you a general idea about the development of your baby.

How many months is 17 weeks pregnant?

Week 17 of pregnancy it is the week ending the 4th month of pregnancy.

What happens in your body during week 17 of pregnancy

You feel that you are gaining weight or at least increasing your abdominal circumference. The belly is now visible and in the coming weeks it will grow more and more. In the fifth month, the bottom of the uterus reaches the level of the navel. As the belly grows, your posture changes, the spine and muscles around it being highly sought after. The curves of the spine are altered and lumbar pain or balance problems may occur.

From now on, unfortunately, you should give up shoes with high heels. The best would be shoes with a low heel, and not necessarily the ballerinas or those with a flat sole. Try, as much as possible, to stay upright when you stand up and when you sit down. If you have been allowed by your doctor to do sports, do exercises that strengthen your back muscles. Besides the abdominal muscles, these are the most requested in pregnancy.

It is important to take care of your tummy. A trauma to the abdomen can harm the child and can be dangerous to you. Remember to wear a seat belt when driving. Position the seat belt below the belly and over the hips for maximum protection.

Common symptoms at 17 weeks of pregnancy

In week 17, you may notice an increase in certain fluids (sweating, vaginal discharge, even nasal discharge), which are due to increased blood flow.

The skin on the breasts and on the belly may start to eat because it stretches and, for this reason, stretch marks may occur.

At the same time, if before you became pregnant you were suffering from an allergy or several, it is possible that during pregnancy you may notice an increase in their symptoms. If this happens, it is very important not to take medicines without the doctor's consent (some are safe for pregnancy while others are not).

In addition, for many women this period is marked by a significant increase in appetite, especially if so far they have had morning sickness. Try to be reasonable if you count yourself among them: neither deny your appetite (or most), but do not do them all. The basic rule is that the food is as healthy as possible.

Unusual dreams during pregnancy

Have your dreams changed, are they weird, more colorful, more alive? Many pregnant women report that they have very different dreams during pregnancy. Most likely, pregnant women dream more during pregnancy because they wake up more often at night during REM sleep, when dreams occur. When we wake from REM sleep we remember what we dreamed. Pregnant women wake up, without realizing it, much more frequently at night than women who are not pregnant. Another explanation of living dreams from pregnancy is the increased levels of hormones that act on certain areas of the brain.

Some experts believe that dreams during pregnancy symbolize the delight, fear or awareness of the physical and emotional changes that take place in the body.

Here are some dreams that often appear in pregnancy and what they mean:

Take care of the chickens

During the second trimester of pregnancy, many pregnant women dream of raising chicks in their arms, such as puppies, hens or kittens. The friendly creatures in your dreams symbolize the fact that your maternal instinct begins to appear. Therefore, caring for animals can be the formation of feelings about the baby that takes shape within you.

Erotic dreams

Many of the future mothers are concerned about the changes in their body level and the effects they may have on their sexual lives, while many others are more excited than ever. Both sensations are reflected in dreams. Erotic dreams not only offer a reassuring reassurance, they can also reflect the need for romance you feel.

Your partner cheats on you

If you dream that your partner is dating a former girlfriend or a stranger, this means a degree of insecurity about keeping his love and attention in a period characterized by big changes. Now you are dependent on the kindness and support of your loved ones, and especially your partner. Fear of not losing him is a common emotional reaction when you are pregnant.

Since there is nothing that can stop these crazy dreams, try to entertain them on their own. You can hold a notebook and a pen near the bed so you can note them.

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Analyzes and investigations in week 17 of pregnancy

Most likely you have had the first trimester ultrasound (recommended between weeks 11 and 14, usually), but if the doctor deems it necessary, you can still do an ultrasound this week. Not only does this allow a re-development of the baby's development, it also allows you to hear the beats of his heart, which beats about twice as fast as adults 140-150 times per minute.

What to do during week 17 of pregnancy

Make a list of names for the child. Make a list of ten names you like, and then have your partner do the same. Then exchange lists and cut each one from the list of the other name you don't like. Do this until you find a set of names that you both agree with.

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Talk about the reasons that make you like or dislike certain names. Some couples have made a series of rules, such as without the names of former or former friends and without names that were used for family pets.

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