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Things a good parent should NEVER do

Things a good parent should NEVER do

Sometimes, because of too much desire to be perfect parents, many people do not realize that some of the things they do are for the sake of children and not to help them develop harmoniously. Find out who they are the things you should never do!

1. Don't do the job for him

Your child has eaten on the floor. There is nothing, you raise it! You tie the shoelaces to your shoes, you prepare the backpack for school, you help him get dressed, you put his food on the plate ... these are just some of the things you should actually let your child do. If you do not do the work in its place it is something that helps you have an independent child, not one that stays behind the mother's skirt.

2. Don't neglect your marriage anymore!

Sometimes, every parent is so focused on the education and upbringing of their children, that they forget about their partner's needs, which they always put on hold. It is important to know how to nurture your relationship as well, because the flame of love does not burn alone: ​​schedule outings together, romantic dinners or spend moments of laziness in two.

3. Stop putting yourself in the last place!

If you became a mother, that does not mean that you do not have to go to the hairdresser or buy a new dress, because you do not count anymore, but the baby. You have to find time for yourself.

4. Don't do his homework!

Once you start going to school, it is only natural for your child to ask you for help with homework. Give it full attention, explain it, but do not do the homework in its place, because that way you will not learn anything.

5. Don't spoil it too much!

Every child has moments of friendship with his parents, he must feel loved and have some education and comfort within the family. But parents start to make mistakes when they spoil their child too much.

6. Don't ignore inappropriate behavior!

Has your child started to raise the tone for his siblings and / or his sisters, do things through the house, talk ugly or no longer listen? In such situations, you should not ignore it, in the hope that it is just a period that will pass by itself. You have to explain to him where he is wrong, to tell him why such behaviors are not allowed because otherwise he will believe that everything he does is normal.

7. Do not make promises that you cannot fulfill!

Once you have promised something to your child, make sure you can bring it to fruition. He does not make promises that you cannot fulfill, because you will disappoint him and you will teach him to behave the same. Equally important is for a parent to be consistent regarding the discipline and the rules of the house because if you do not do this you will confuse the child.

8. Don't choose your friends!

There is a difference between selecting and choosing your child's friend. It is natural to know what kind of friends your child spends time and try to remove those who have a bad influence on him. But it is not natural for you to choose their friends, depending on your preferences.

9. No need to yell at him!

Stress and worries can sometimes turn you into an irascible person, who tunes and flashes. It is important, however, to keep your child's temper with your child and never yell at him, even when he is wrong. The discussions are always calm.

10. Do not force him to finish everything from the plate!

When you are at the table, the scenario is always almost the same. He tells you he has finished eating, but you tell him he is not allowed to get up from the table until he has finished everything on the plate. You give him conditions, because if he doesn't eat everything, he doesn't go out. Or you tend to make him eat foods he doesn't like. Such behaviors are wrong. You need to let the child eat as much as he can and choose his own dishes.

Another mistake is to force him to sleep alone, although the child does not like it, but he is also afraid.

11. Don't let him sit for hours on the tablet!

Technology is part of our life, so it is normal for a child to have access to a smartphone or tablet, from a certain age. What you don't have to do is give them unlimited access, spend hours in front of the screen. Both the Internet and the TV must be as measured in a child's life.

12. Do not compare it with other children!

"Why did you take so little to mate? If Joan can take 10, why are you not able?" Do you sound familiar? You often find reasons to compare your child with other classmates, with the children of your neighbors or with the children of your family friends, putting it, in every light, in a bad light. Such behavior will negatively influence his personality, because he will not trust him, in his own strengths. It can also turn into a rebellious teenager. So he never makes comparisons between himself and the other children, but loves him and accepts him exactly as he is.

13. It does not impose a career you would have wanted to pursue!

As a child you wanted to become a ballerina, but it was not possible. For a while, you gave up this dream of your own, but he came back once you brought a little girl into the world. You do everything you can to take her to ballet classes, buy costumes, get excited, but the child doesn't like her. He has no inclination towards dance or gymnastics, and more often than not, he often hears her saying she would like to play basketball! And you look like your blood is going to your head, because you do not understand why your little one does not want to pursue the career you just dreamed of.

A parent should not impose on the child a certain sport, a certain faculty or a certain hobby, just because he has not had the opportunity to make the respective choices in youth. Children should be allowed to choose their own path, to have their own preferences. Otherwise, there will be unhappy and unfulfilled adults.

14. Don't ignore the importance of time spent with the little one!

In the morning you go to work before your little one wakes up, because he is in the care of his grandmother or grandfather or father, in the evening you come late and you are too tired to play with him or stay at the stories. And this is how the days go by, without you spending quality time with your child. Every parent must find time every day for their child.

15. Don't force him to be what he is not!

If you have a shy child, don't always try to push him in front of you, have him say the poems of his family friends, force him to socialize, because you can do more harm to him and he can shut up even more. Children should always be taken with the blessing, and if you see that he really has a behavioral problem, it is best to seek the advice of a child psychologist.

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