Children's jewelry, what and when?

Children's jewelry, what and when?

Children's jewelry is so cute and interesting that parents hardly resist the temptation to give it to their children from a very young age. Earrings, chains and bracelets are the main jewelry that reach the ears, hands and neck of children from the age of baby. However, jewelry can become extremely dangerous to the health and safety of the little ones, if they are not chosen properly and adapted to each age!

The first jewelry of the child, at what age?

The kindness that a pair of earrings or a nice bracelet offers to the child is enough reason to offer such a precious accessory from the first days or months of life.

The age at which the child can wear jewelry differs depending on each piece of jewelry. The first ones that are offered as gifts to the little girls are the little ones, who are still in their first months of life. Many parents choose to make holes in the ears of little girls from the first days after birth.

However, specialists recommend the age of 6 months for this procedure, when the ear lobe is sufficiently well developed. If the holes are made earlier, there is a risk that these holes will become lighter over time.

The bracelets rank second in the top of the popular accessories for children and are put on both girls and boys. The bracelets cannot be placed earlier than the age of 3 months. It must always be changed or adapted to the wrist circumference, which develops as children grow older.

Chains can also be placed on children until the first year of life, although they are among the jewelry that specialists think they should wait longer until they are offered to the little ones.

What kind of jewelry do you choose for your child?

The model, the dimensions and the material from which the jewelry is made are important when choosing the type of accessories you give the child. The first pair of earrings of the child should be a model with a pancake, have a secure closure and a shape that does not present a danger to his safety.

The baby cannot scratch in them, does not bother him and cannot open them easily. Only after the age of 5 can you diversify the pattern of your little girl's earrings and opt for variants with rods. Unlike those with tortillas, which can be worn at night, those with sticks should be taken down and put in a disinfectant solution at the end of the day.

It is recommended that the bracelets for the young child be as simple and thin as possible. It should not contain any accessories in which it could scratch. Before buying the bracelet, measure the wrist of the child's hand to make sure you do not choose one that is too tight or too wide. It should be bought 2-3 cm larger than the circumference of the hand.

As for the chains, they must be cubic and, as in the case of bracelets, without complicated accessories in which the child could be injured. It is important to be made of a very durable material, as you will hardly prevent the little one from pulling them with full force.

Specialists recommend gold as the safest material for baby jewelry. It is "friendly" to the sensitive skin of the little one and has the lowest risk of allergies.

When did you give your child the first jewelry? Tell us your suggestions for commenting below!

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