The most beautiful boys' names

The most beautiful boys' names

Did you find out that you are about to become the mother of a boy and have you already started to search, along with your husband, for a name that is representative of his personality? Choosing the name can be a difficult task, so we help you out with a list of the most beautiful boy names!

Adrian: it has its origins in Ancient Rome, coming from the Latin Hadrianus. It was taken over by the Greeks, then by the Slavic peoples. This name is characteristic of ambitious people;

Albert: it is of German origin, meaning "noble, shining, famous";

Andrew: comes from the Greek Andreas and signifies a warrior person, full of courage, who fights for his rights and convictions;

Anton: "priceless, worthy of praise", is a name that reminds of the purity of flowers;

Bogdan: of Slavic origin, it is composed of "rich", meaning God and "dan", meaning gift, which translates to "gift of God";

Calin: a name commonly found in Romania, but also in other European peoples, means "good, beautiful";

Carol: of German origin from the word Karl, which means a free person;

Caesar: is a strong name, its origins being in the Roman Empire, it is a name that indicates power, a person who dominates;

Cristian: it is a reproduction of the Latin Christianus, it designates followers of the Christian religion;

Darius: derives from the Greek word Dareios, in turn a form of Darayavahush, name from Persia, composed of the word daraya "to have" and hush "good", can be translated "the one who maintains the good";

David: a name with a strong meaning, David means "the beloved, beloved". David was the greatest king of Israel;

Eduard: name with tradition in the United Kingdom, where it was carried by several kings, but also in noble families, means "blessed";

Eric: this name is of Scandinavian origin, Eirikr, consisting of the word "always" and rikr "leader". For example, Erik the Red was a great navigator and explorer from Scandinavia, the one who discovered Greenland;

Felix: it translates to "the lucky, happy" and comes from the Latin language;

Filip: this name comes from the Greek Philippos, phil meaning "lover", and "hippos" - "horse", from which we conclude that it means "the lover of horses";

Gabriel: it is a name associated with Saint Archangel Gabriel, an angel of the resurrection, being considered the messenger of God, the one who announced the birth of the Savior;

Horatiu: name of Romanian origin, coming from Horatius, means "young, flourishing";

Iacob: it comes from the biblical patriarch Jacob, having connections with the Hebrew word akev which translates through heels;

Ianis: Greek version of the Romanian name Ion;

Justin: its meaning is "just, right, according to the law". He who bears this name is a correct person, who never departs from his principles;

Laurentiu: comes from the Latin word Laurentius, which means "laurel bearer";

Luca: this name is a symbol of beauty and has its origins in Lucania, a region of Italy;

Matthew: a name characteristic of sensitive persons, comes from the Latin word "mattityahu" which means "gift from God";

Marc: a name of Latin origin, from the name Marcus, meaning "power";

Mihai: means "like God";

Mircea: it translates to "peace, holiday", of Slavic origin;

Noris: name of French origin, means "Nordic";

Octavian: derived from the Latin Octavius, it has the meaning of "eighth"; it is a name that was carried by important personalities of Ancient Rome;

Ovidiu: it has its roots in the Latin word ovis, which translates to sheep, which means that the people who carry it are docile;

Peter: the name has its roots in Ancient Greece, coming from the word petros, which means stone;

Radu: is a name of Slavic origin, deriving from the word laughter, which means happiness;

Sebastian: it has its roots in the Greek word "sebastos", which translates as venerable;

Sorin: quite common name in our country, Sorin is of Latin origin; it comes from the word sun, being a symbol of brightness and optimism;

Tudor: it is derived from the Celtic word teutorigos which means legislator of the people, those who bear this name are powerful;

Valentin: the name is of Latin origin and means "strong, vigorous, healthy".

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