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Star Diet: Nicole Richie

Star Diet: Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie is one of the stars whose silhouettes have gone from one extreme to another, over time. A few years ago, she was suspected of having an eating disorder because of the whistling silhouette she displayed. After the birth of the children and the multiple kilograms that affected her silhouette during pregnancy, the star made her orders in the food program, began to play sports, and is now happily winning an enviable figure!

Balanced family life, the secret of Nicole Richie's figure

Prior to her marriage to Joel Madden, vocalist of the band Good Charlotte, the star of the reality show "The Simple Life," she led a troubled life, which made its mark on her health and physical appearance. Between the two births that he has in active duty, the star has undergone several fluctuations of weight, even reaching overweight.

After adopting dangerous methods of weight loss, which resulted in the yo-yo effect, in 2007, Nicole Richie underwent a shocking transformation. From the full shapes and, in the opinion of some even appetizing, that he had, Richie has undergone a dramatic change, reaching the figure of an anorexic. She was suspected of suffering from a serious eating disorder.

The star has stated, countless times, that her husband has had a remarkable influence on her lifestyle. She taught her how to make healthy eating choices and integrate sport into her life, changes that managed to "revive" her figure and health. In time, with a balanced diet and intense sports sessions, her body returned to normal, and at present, the star displays a harmonious figure and a healthy body.

Nicole Richie's diet: food and sports plan

According to sources close to the star, Nicole has resorted to a low-calorie diet and vigorous sports training to develop her figure after birth. In an interview with a US publication, the star stated that her daily food menu consists of rich portions of fruits and vegetables and increased amounts of water. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and pay close attention to everything you eat, opting for food in a natural and fresh state.

Much of the silhouette that Nicole displays today is due to sport. The star followed intensive training programs to tone his body. For the remodeling of the figure, the star turned his attention to cardio exercises. He followed vigorous training on the belt, bicycle or stepper, under the supervision of a personal trainer.

They aimed to increase the body's resistance and increase muscle mass, for a harmonious appearance. The star said that sport is now part of her daily routine and that it has become a lifestyle. To get the figure she is currently displaying, Nicole has turned not only to a fitness trainer, but also to a nutritionist, for fear of not repeating past food mistakes.

What do you think about the silhouette transformations that Nicole Richie went through over time? Do you think your family and "home setting" can be a powerful enough boost to lose weight and follow a diet? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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