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7 tips for parents from the Jolie-Pitt couple

7 tips for parents from the Jolie-Pitt couple

The Jolie-Pitt couple is not only famous because of the artistic careers of the two stars, but also because of the impressive number of children their families gather in one place: not less than 6. They are not married and do not conform to the classical canons. in their lifestyle, but 6 beautiful and intelligent children grow up, and all the moms in a row want to know their secrets! Here are the main tips Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have given, over time, about raising and caring for children!

The advice and statements that the Brangelina couple has offered, over time, about caring for children have been taken up by experts in this field. The specialists have identified many precious tips offered by the most famous couple in the showbizz and that any parent deserves to consider!

Family dinner

In 2011, Angelina Jolie declared that dinner is a special time for their family, where they all gather at the table and spend special moments together. According to the famous mother, during the meal, children are not allowed with games, phones and do not watch TV. Even so, often, the table is taken quietly, these are relaxing and precious moments in their education and growth.

Generosity and volunteering

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are considered the most generous people in the international showbizz. Involved in numerous charitable projects and humanitarian actions, the celebrities provide a precious example to the little ones and convey important values ​​to their children. The little ones have the opportunity to learn more about what empathy means and to develop their spirit of solidarity.

Separate time with each child

Although their family has no less than 6 children, and the careers of the two actors take up a lot of time, the two stars always find their place in the program to spend moments with the little ones. Besides the moments spent in the family, each parent spends time individually, separately, with each child separately.

It is a praiseworthy initiative, because it is important that, in the case of a larger family, each parent should find time to stay with each child separately. It contributes fully to the harmonious emotional development of children and strengthens the connection between them.

Parenting instinct

Let the books about raising a child from time to time and rely on instinct in his care! This is the advice that the Jolie-Pitt couple offers to their parents, considering that they always know better what the child needs and what is the best method for raising them.

Experts believe that parental instinct plays an essential role in the development of the small, but that parents should not give up secure sources of information, such as books, doctors' advice, television shows, etc.

Promoting the individuality of the child

Angelina and Brad Pitt are some of the best known promoters of individuality both as a couple and among children. According to the famous mother, each of the 6 children has a strong individuality, because they have always been allowed to make their own choices, to actively manifest their own personalities and passions, without her or her partner, Brad, being influenced in them. any way.

Discipline in the team

Even if they admit that sometimes they are partying with their children, especially with the children with whom they have established closer relationships, always disciplining children is a team process. According to Angela's statements, when one of them tends to be too harsh or too lenient with one of the children, the other is careful to balance the balance and ensure that disciplinary measures are taken correctly.

Sincere communication with children

In the Jolie-Pitt family, there are no secrets, and children are always kept abreast of what's going on around them. Brad Pitt said that Angelina always tells the truth of the children, but that she always takes care to spare them too intimate or inappropriate details about their age.

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