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Waiting for Santa

Waiting for Santa

For most of us Christmas comes and goes before we have time to breathe, but for children things are different. They are looking forward to the arrival of Santa Claus. Learn some tricks on how you can help your little one get through this period faster. You definitely hear: "How many days are there until Santa comes?". You can use some ideas and preparations for Christmas to calm the little one.

You can organize and carry out a program of activities until Christmas Eve. Make a paper chain together to write down the days left until Christmas, so that every day, the child will be able to count in a fun way.

To make a paper chain you need:

- paper;
- scissors;
- glue, stapler;
- pencils, markers or whatever else you think you will need to decorate the chain.

You can use the colors specific to Christmas: red and green or, why not, and other soothing colors such as blue, pink or orange.

Cut 24 pieces of paper about 10 cm. Preschoolers can help cut the paper if they are assisted. Once you cut the paper into pieces, you can start making the chain. If your child is old enough, he can help you with this fun activity that requires creativity.


You can paste or box candy on some pieces of paper. If you have more children, you have to put more pieces of paper on the chain that day or make sure there are enough pieces of paper.

The conversation at the table

Write on each piece of paper interesting questions that might arouse children's interest. You can break the day from the chain before the table to have a topic of conversation with the little ones.

Some ideas:

- What do you like to do most in winter?
- Say something nice about the person next to you.
- Name one thing you are happy with on that day
- What is your favorite ornament?

Other ideas

You can add some Christmas activities on the chain to encourage the children to attend this holiday and to feel the Christmas spirit. It can be anything: from the smile you can give to an estranged stranger, a compliment to a friend, or you can donate toys to a child who doesn't have one.
Once you are done with the pieces of paper, you can make the chain. Form a loop from the piece of paper, and then glue it (staple it). Then make several loops in the same way (from the rest of the "days"), so that they come together.

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