Volumetric diet

Volumetric diet

The volumetric diet is a smart weight loss regime, perfect for gourmets and greedy people, who want to eat on saturates, but lose at least 1 kg per week and improve their health.

What is volumetric diet?

The volumetric diet was created by American physician Barbara Rolls, who devised the diet plan based on the dietary needs and preferences of most people. The author proposes a healthy and consistent eating plan, rich in healthy and tasty foods, so that the people who decide to follow her will feel full and, at the same time, reduce the size of their figure. In this way, she says, it avoids frustration and dissatisfaction, but especially the starvation characteristic of many other weight loss regimes.

What is the food plan?

Within the volumetric diet, the diet is divided into 4 groups, depending on their energy density:

1. Foods with very low energy density - preparations based on vegetables without starch (tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, etc.), dairy without fats, dietary soups, etc.

2. Foods with low energy density - whole grain products, vegetables, lean meat, etc.

3. Foods with medium energy density - are the favorite foods of most people, as they are tasty and tasty - pizza, bakery products, fries, cakes, ice cream, cheese, etc.

4. Foods with high energy density - snacks, chocolate, sweets, butter, oils, oily fruits, etc.

The main idea of ​​the diet is to eat consistently from the first two food groups, but pay close attention to the last two. The latter have the role of providing the sensation of satiety necessary to avoid overfeeding, but also the optimal energy for the body to function at its maximum capacity.

The daily menu during the diet consists of 5 meals per day - 3 main and 2 snacks - and 1 dessert. The diet allows the consumption of alcohol, but it can be integrated in the menu only in the conditions in which the menu is balanced and reduced calorically.

The daily menu should add somewhere between 1600 and 2000 calories, depending on weight, activity level, age and other medical features. Even if the diet itself does not prohibit any food, it is important that healthy, low calorie and energizing products take precedence over dietary choices during the diet.

What are its health benefits?

In addition to the effect of weight loss, the volumetric diet also has a positive impact on health, if foods with medium and high energy density are on the menu. The volumetric weight loss treatment prevents and treats:

  • infections;
  • depression;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • cardiovascular diseases etc.

For better results, the diet should be supplemented with sports and physical activity, but without special efforts. The author of the diet proposes walking, walking or climbing stairs as effective movement methods to improve weight loss results.

Have you ever tried to take the volumetric diet? Tell us what results you have obtained and what other healthy and effective diets you have tried in the comments section below!

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