5 secrets in baby care and growth

5 secrets in baby care and growth

You always try to foresee all the unpleasant or uncomfortable situations that you might face when you are having a baby with you and be, with the help of books or the internet, well prepared to prevent them. Even so, there are still a few situations that you may have never thought of and could be faced with when you're a new mom. Here are some secrets that help you get out of the most unpleasant or uncomfortable tangles when you have a baby!

Change your diapers and close your eyes!

There is the possibility that your baby will surprise you in the evening, after you change and breastfeed and fill a diaper just before the baby or immediately afterwards. You know you can't leave it like that all night, but you don't have to turn on the lights and start burning it, for fear it might wake up.

In this case, it is important to practice and learn to change his diaper in the dark, without moving it too much or waking up. You have the skills, because you've probably changed dozens of diapers by now, but you've never done it in the dark.

With a little exercise, you will become an expert and you will be able to change your baby with your eyes closed. You can first practice on a doll, if you are afraid that you will hurt your baby during "training".

Breastfeed your baby in public without attracting attention!

You are with the baby in public and it is time to breastfeed him, but you do not want to attract all the looks, sometimes malicious, on yourself. Don't get impatient! There are solutions through which those around you will not even notice that you are breastfeeding.

Wear a button down blouse and put a baby cot or scarf in your bag. When you breastfeed, the button-down blouse will allow you to open it very easily and subtly, without having to lift it, and the blanket or scarf will help you cover the baby's head, so that no one will get hold of what do. The world around you will think you are trying to fall asleep.

Teach your baby to sleep in foreign places!

Your baby is used to sleeping only in his crib. But there are situations in which you may have to fall asleep in other places: in the car, on a visit, at the hotel, etc. If you do not get used to sleeping in other parts: in the car seat, stroller, on visits, etc., sleep will give you big headaches when you are gone with him and the hour of sleep comes.

When you are at home, try to fall asleep in a baby basket and when you go on trips or visits to take it with you, to get it to sleep in it.

Get rid of your fears when leaving the baby with a baby!

You did interviews over interviews and it took you a while to choose a good one that would inspire confidence. Even so, the first time you leave the baby alone with the baby, separation anxiety begins to appear in your case, not just the child's.

You are tempted to sound good for 5 to 5 minutes, you are not at all focused on the romantic date you have or the one with your friends, and the thought is flying only to your child. In order to alleviate anxiety and to enjoy your loved ones with beautiful moments away from the baby, it is important to start the process of separating babies from time to time.

Call good at the beginning of 30 minutes, as you go shopping, then gradually extend the intervals you are missing, so you get used to staying away from the little one.

Keep your baby busy at the restaurant!

You have to go out to the restaurant and you have to take the baby with you, but you are afraid it will be total chaos. There is no need to escape a disaster from the first outing with babies at the restaurant. Prepare a luggage for him - with diapers, bottles, socks, spare clothes - but do not forget his favorite toys.

Does your baby have a comfort object (a favorite toy) without which he can't stand? Take advantage of this and give it to the child when it starts to get hectic. Each time he gives signs of crying, because he is bored or not noticed, give him a favorite toy to handle his hands and forget as excluded from discussions or from the table.

What other twisted situations in which you were with your baby do you know and how did you manage to deal with them? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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