Things the preschooler can do alone

Things the preschooler can do alone

Once reached preschool, the child should no longer be kept short and protected from anything new or difficult for him. He is at the age when he has sufficient skills developed and understands certain dangers, so you can give him more freedom to dress alone, to put on his table or to choose his kindergarten clothes. Learn how to raise an independent and responsible child, allowing him to venture alone in a few easy activities and not at all dangerous for him!

Wash your hands

At preschool age, the child is able to wash properly on the hands, without indications or supervision, but only if he has been taught by the child what are the right steps and when it is the case to observe this routine essential for health.

To brush your teeth

Teeth brushing is another activity that the preschool child can do head-to-tail, without your help. But as with hand hygiene, this only happens if you are careful to start "training" from a very young age.

To speak safely with strangers

One of your darkest nightmares, the one in which the child engages in a conversation with a stranger, is also a beneficial and important experience in his development. Specialist Gavin De Becker emphasized, in his book "Protecting the Gift", how important it is for parents to inhibit their fears about the dangers that children face when they are approached by strangers and sometimes let them follow the instinct.

First, do a "training" on the dangers that happen to him when talking to strangers, then let the child's intuition "enter" the scene and "smell" the danger, if any. Stay in the expectation and follow it, but don't intervene immediately!

To dress or undress

The child develops the ability to undress before the one to dress. At the age of 5-6 anisors, he should be able to dress alone in button-down blouses or pull on elasticated pants. By the end of the preschool age, many children even learn the secrets of the zipper or the closure of the buttons.

Let it rise

Until the age of 6 years, the child is able to put on his shoes or boots, even if he does not master this ability very well. The technique of tying the laces will be learned only later, at the school age, but the specialists advise you to allow them to test their abilities of getting up alone, even for the first time when they show this curiosity, even if, in the end, they will have I need your help.

To clear his nose

According to pediatrician Dan Levy, Babycenter expert, the child is able to blow his nose alone from the age of 2 years, but only if you, as a parent, show him and constantly encourage him to do so. At the end of the preschool stage, it is apt not only to blow his nose, but also to use the napkins to clean it properly.

To set his table

Starting with the age of 3-4 years, encourage your child to put on his own table. Do not expect to set their own food portions or cut bread. You can start with morning meals, which involve simple activities, such as pouring milk and cereals into a bowl. Don't forget to always encourage him to close the table after he finishes eating.

Let it be in the swing

The ability to swing his feet alone to swing appears around the age of 4-5, when he develops better motor skills, coordination and balance.

To make his bed

The ability to make the bed alone begins to develop gradually at preschool, the child being able to place the pillows in place and try to stretch the blanket or blanket above. The bed may not be arranged in a stripe, but his attempts should be praised and encouraged until it comes out perfectly.

Make order in the room

At this age, by order, one understands the ability to collect his toys in the basket, to arrange his books in the closet or to arrange his bed. It is not too small to sort his clothes by category, even if he has some years of training until he manages to properly arrange them in the drawer.

It is important to involve him in as many cleaning activities, both in his room and at home, so that, in time, he will learn the habit of ordering and keeping clean.

To put water in the glass

The ability to eat independently begins to develop from the moment you manage to use the first teaspoon and bring the glass alone to your mouth, immediately after reaching the age of 1 year. But the ability to pour water into the glass is chiseled over time, by the method of imitation.

For 2-3 years, the child learns to pour water from one device to another, because then, to pour from a small carafe into a glass, and at the end of preschool age, to be able to pour also from glass in the glass, even to open its lid.

Use your computer or tablet

The computer, the phone and the tablet become the "favorite" toys of modern children, from the age of babies. But only at preschool, they go from the simple commands to open or close the gadget, to the independent use of more complex programs from it, such as games.

Use the microwave oven

The ability to understand the complex functions and to cook in the microwave oven develops only at the age of 8-10 years. At preschool, the child is able to understand and use the home appliance to heat a preparation, but only under your strict supervision.

Choose clothes and outfits

When you give them the freedom to create outfits, you notice that they do not make the best choices, but this is not important at this age. Regardless of the combinations you make, you allow them to express their personal taste and preferences and this is essential in its development.

The preschool child understands and has the ability to combine blouses with pants, tights and dresses, being the inspiration for you or his father.

What other interesting things have you found that your little preschooler is doing alone? Share us the independent activities your child is proud of at this age, in the comments section below!

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