What the nutritionist tells us about calcium cheese Milk Milk

What the nutritionist tells us about calcium cheese Milk Milk

Calcium cheese is a valuable source of minerals and proteins so essential to the harmonious development of small ones.

With a supply of 350 mg of calcium and 240 mg of phosphorus per 100 g, a serving of Milk Core (75 g) provides almost half the daily dose of calcium, taking care, along with phosphorus, of the health of bones and teeth. In addition to minerals, this type of cheese offers proteins with a high biological value, a 75 g serving containing almost one third of the recommended daily dose.

In the component we find low carbohydrates and saturated fats, which will give extra energy to the little explorers.

It has a light, delicate texture and a taste of fresh milk, which is often easily accepted by children. It can be used at all three meals of the day, in salads, sandwiches (thin slices), as a snack alone or together with fresh fruit.

In the diet of the smallest can be introduced starting with the age of 6 months alone, together with a flour of whole rice or mixed with a vegetable puree, which will lend the sweet taste and make it more "friendly".

It is equally delicious in a fresh fruit puree or as an ice cream - mixed with frozen fruit (the latter for children over one year old).

Delaco Milk Calcium Cheese is made from milk, rennet and a little salt, without dyes, preservatives, food additives, artificial flavors or flavor enhancers. It is thus a very good option for parents, both for the daily menu and for the special diet menus.

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