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Zurli morning, every Saturday, from 10:00, on TVR1

Zurli morning, every Saturday, from 10:00, on TVR1

Zurli morning, every Saturday, from 10:00, on TVR1

This summer, the mornings will be more and more "buzzing" with the new TV production dedicated to the whole family!
Moms, dads, children and grandparents will be able to enjoy happy moments together with Gasca Zurli and Tanti Presenter Mirela Retegan starting July 6, every Saturday, from 10:00 am, on TVR1.
Smiles and joys are the watchwords of the latest family entertainment production - Zurli in the morning - which will be broadcast starting with the first weekend of July. For an hour - the cheerfulness becomes the owner of the small screen and enters all the houses, responsible for the good mood being the most playful colleagues of the children from Gasca Zurli: Clopotel, Truli, Zdranganel, the girl Zurli, Zana Buna and the Wizard Tura Vura and Mirela Retegan, in the role of Tanti the Presenter.

Zurli in the morning is at the moment the only indigenous family entertainment interactive show famous guests from the world of film and television, music, politics or the press, who, beyond any public status, are parents who devote their free time to children.
In fact, the entire show was designed to bring parents as close as possible to their children, to stimulate communication and primary education through play and play, in a joyful and interactive environment. The little ones learn new things, songs, dances, information and curiosities, while parents learn how to play with their children and how to spend time with the little ones in a simple, efficient but especially enjoyable way!
"In the morning Zurli every character in the gang can be a model for children, the little ones have to learn and easily identify with the problems encountered by the girl Zurli or Clopotel and see the negative aspects of the counterexample given by Tura Vura, allies. with the positive characters and events and better understand the unhealthy aspects. Parents who will attend Zurli Morning, whether they will be on the set, invited, or will be at home, in front of the small screen, will remember that life is simple and beautiful, that great joys are in the small things, in the daily happenings, parents will remember with each show how lucky they are to live with their children the miracle of life. " declare Mirela Retegan, director, screenwriter and artistic director of the project.
In progress Zurli morning There will be no missing songs known from the children's folklore, orchestrated in a new acoustic version, modern and interpreted by the Zurli characters, but neither the new, original creations, specially composed by Cornel Sorian. Moreover, each edition will run around a theme that will be illustrated and within a painting in which all the guests of the show will participate. Each painting will be sold later in an auction, all the forums thus obtained will be used for a charity project carried out by Gasca Zurli to Fundeni hospital in Bucharest.

Gasca Zurli

It is the most cheerful team made up of actors and television people - grown-ups, who set out to color in the rainbow the days of little ones and to draw many smiles on the faces of parents and grandparents.
The gang has been working successfully for over 3 years. It is known in the country, but especially in Bucharest where it plays shows with closed hall. It is recognized in the parents' environment as the best children's entertainment band. The recipe that brought success to Gasca Zurli is based on the extent of everything he does. Mirela Retegan - The inventor of Gastii - managed to weigh well and accurately measure each ingredient - interactivity, music, dance, education, curiosity, humor and attention for children, without making any discount on the quality of the prepared shows!
Gasca Zurli is a successful product that only last year met with the show TIRIBAM-TIRUBUM over 30,000 children from Romania in two big tournaments - the campaign "You have one more book - give it away" and the Festival "Pro-History Fest ".
The TV show came as a need for little ones to see their beloved characters more and more: Fetita Zurli, Zana Buna, Zdranganel, Clopotel, Truli, Tura Vura and Tanti Presenter.


Bell bring a riddle in every show! He is playful and always has questions. He has a bell at all times and tries to teach everyone the game Clopotel (a game of attention and concentration, which is played in two: the one in front of Clopotel has to say the word bell no matter how hard the character tries to confuse him) . His song is called Question Question, he always dreams of chocolate, mountains of chocolate, does not like to move and leaves hard to eat fruits and vegetables.


Trulia he is passionate about travel. He wants to see everyone on the bike or motorcycle or at least the scooter. He likes discoveries and can tell you all about inventions, what's new, how certain things came up. He has a problem with cash. He understands very complicated things but does not have enough patience with simple things.

Fetita Zurli

Fetita Zurli she is passionate about ice cream. The cordeluta on the head has two stylized cornets, the symbol of her culinary passion. He makes a collection of extra toys, he likes games and he learns a new one every day. She wants to become a presenter (as a presenter) and sing from morning till evening. She is generous, cheerful and positive and would like to be friends with all the children in the world!


Zdranganel is the talented dancer of the group and always teaches children a new choreography. He makes a collection of hangers so that all his friends bring with him hanging objects that they hang on the belts. He dreams of getting to all the places he catches.

Good fairy

Good fairy She is blonde, tall, beautiful and dressed in a gorgeous pink dress - as are all the true rings from childhood stories. He lives on a star where he sees and hears everything. He teaches children how to formulate their desires and be brave. She knows tricks, she is magical, and her wand does wonders ... she is very optimistic and always makes the little ones feel protected by the bad ones.

Witch Tura Vura

Witch Tura Vura she is the most charming witch in the world ... she says untrue things, she tries to trick the little ones with stories in which no one believes anymore ... she declares that flying on her sweetheart, which is called witchcraft, is considered the golden voice of Romania and the most great dancer but he is a born antitalent. He doesn't know how to speak correctly. She does not like parties, she is passionate about breaking balloons and breaking party cakes. It feeds on chocolate and fries, does not like to wash and has not combed for 300 years ...

Many presenters

Many presenters is a moderator in the true sense of the word. It manages to temper any misunderstanding in Gasca, has a solution for every problem and brings peace and balance to Gasca Zurli.

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