15 signs that you are lucky to be married to a man like your husband

15 signs that you are lucky to be married to a man like your husband

Sometimes, after taking the big step, some men forget to lighten their wives and show them that they love them as much as they started.

You married, however, the ideal man if he has the following qualities:

1. It puts you in the first place

Even if he is crazy about your children, even if he loves and respects his parents and even if he has a lot of responsibilities at work, you are the one that matters most to him. He takes care not to feel neglected and always finds time for you.

2. You can talk to him about anything

The confidence that you have in your partner is unlimited, you feel that you can tell absolutely everything without feeling in any way embarrassed. He takes what you tell him seriously, does not disregard you and tries to give you the best advice. Do not be afraid to express your opinions, because he does not judge you, but discuss with you, you share your opinions with each other.

3. Know exactly what you like

Give you the slice of pizza with most olives, choose a holiday destination by the sea, because you know how much you love water, be careful to prepare your coffee with lots of sugar ... and the list remains open. He always knows what you like, because he knows you very well and wants to do what you like.

4. Looks at you in a certain way

The way he looks at you says everything about how much he is in love, because in his eyes you always see how much he loves you.

5. Feels his lack

When he is gone, you feel that you are missing something, and when he comes home, the stomach emptiness disappears and you feel safe.

6. Sexual attraction between you is still strong

You want to make love to him as much as at the beginning of the relationship. Your love parties have not only become a routine with the passage of time, they have improved.

7. Don't try to change yourself

A man who loves you will accept you exactly as you are and will never try to change you, he will not constantly criticize you for your actions.

8. Conquer you every day

The fact that you got married does not mean that you are a conquered territory. On the contrary, he brings you a proof of love every day, he tries to make beautiful gestures, from a bouquet of flowers, to bigger surprises.

9. Believe in your dreams

When you share your dreams, he firmly believes in them and makes you strong, to believe that you can bring them to fruition and that nothing is impossible.

10. It tells you "I love you"

Sometimes not only the facts, but the two words, "I love you," are all a woman wants to hear in order to feel protected, appreciated, wanted, loved. If your husband does that, you're a lucky woman.

11. Prefer to stay with you

For him the really relaxing moments are those spent in two, even if you just sit on the couch and watch a show. If you prefer to stand by yourself instead of going out for a beer with the boys or going to a game, consider yourself an extraordinarily lucky woman.

12. It makes you want to be the best

He is not the kind of man who presses you to do certain things, but through the examples he gives you makes you want to be the best at what you do, makes you want to evolve. When something doesn't come out, take care to encourage yourself to move on. If you're wrong don't tell "I told you not to!"

13. He strives to be the perfect husband

Even if he spends 10-12, even 14 hours at work, well above normal working hours, he does not come home moroccan and does not try to make you feel guilty about something. On the contrary, he stays and spends time with you, listens to you, and even has the power to give you a helping hand in the kitchen. How can you not love him for this?

14. Take into account your opinions

When you say something, it does not enter one ear and it outputs the other, but it takes into account your opinion, because it does not want to upset you.

15. Avoid quarreling

In any couple there are misunderstandings, but he knows how to solve everything without dispute, but after constructive discussions. He always has the patience to listen to your arguments.

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