A sweet and sensory February

A sweet and sensory February

A sweet and sensory February

Because this year we intend to surprise you with new programs and topics as different, here we come with two workshops in series.

The first one is for personal development, for children aged 10 to 24 months - "Sensory stimulation workshops".
On the second I called "Bucatarasi in action", creative cooking workshops, for children aged 4 to 99 years.

Sensory stimulation workshops

Immediately after birth, a child's brain begins to make over a trillion of neural connections (synapses), which are used to transmit information based on different life experiences.

Stimulation of senses (touch, hearing, sight, smell, taste) directly influences sensory neurons, but also establishes connections between them.
According to research, a child's brain produces 2-3 million synapses per second! Unfortunately, if there is not enough stimulation and the neurons are not used, they disappear.
There will be workshops that will have different themes, in a series of 5 sessions.
These will take place every Thursday from 4:30 pm, starting with February 13th.
On February 2 at 11:00, there will be a demonstration workshop, filmed and photographed, so that the images relate exactly what we will do in these meetings.
Subscriptions to this demo will be made within the limits of available places.
In these workshops we will discover:

  • unconventional materials with which we build creative toys;
  • music, which will help us to become acquainted with the rhythm, the movement, but which will also use us as a "fingerprint" for the information we find (music will help us to print more easily the things discovered) in memory;
  • tactile games through which we will learn about things around us, but also how to regulate / modulate our emotional register (Theraplay techniques);

These will be supported by Bogdana Fati, a psychotherapist, specialized in Theraplay® & MIM - Theraplay Institute and Corina Munteanu, a professional puppeteer, specialized in theater therapy.

Kitchens in action

"Kitchens in action" - is the title we found in creative cooking workshops.
These will take place every Sunday in February at 11:00.
2.02 - "Sweet cake house"
9.02 - "Cheerful sandwiches and mini pizza"
16.02 - "Fruit salad and edible characters"
23.02- "Healthy sweets"

In these workshops we will not use anything dangerous, the knives will be plastic, and the materials we work with will be cooked cold.
The fun will not be missing, as each workshop will have a story.
We look forward to joining you on this adventure.
We hope you will be as open as possible and honor our invitation.
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