Humus is one of the preparations that can be successfully introduced in the child's menu after the age of 1 year, as long as you prepare it in the house and pay attention to the ingredients used! Here's a perfect humus recipe for 1-2 year olds!

Preparation time

70 min




150 g high

3-4 tablespoons sesame paste

2 cloves of garlic

1/4 cup of water in the boiling water

juice of half a lemon

a tip of a salt knife

some sweet pepper

Method of preparation

Let the baby soak it in the water overnight. Be careful to put enough water in the pot, as the groin will swell and double its volume. The next day, change the water and boil for one hour, with a little salt and covered with a lid.

Squeeze the zucchini, taking care to keep a quarter of a cup of it, and then rub it between your fingers until the peels come off. It removes the shells and keeps only the soft pulp. Crush the garlic well in the mortar, mix it with the sesame paste, the lemon juice and a little salt, then, at the end, with the mixture mixed with the blender.

Sprinkle some sweet lime on top, for decoration, and a few splashes of extra virgin olive oil. The humus is used for children with greyish, glue or vegetable pieces.

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