How it was like to ruin a holiday with a stuffy nose

How it was like to ruin a holiday with a stuffy nose

Last weekend I went with Bran to the sea in search of fresh air and relaxation. After a few rough weeks at the office, I felt that it was time to break a bit of the daily rhythm and we could only do this by running away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The children were so excited that they would not hear us while we were doing customer order puzzles or other telephone discussions that not only did not concern them, but did not interest them either.

I left with some friends who have a child of about 4 years and we were still on the road making the hikes, and in the evening, after the children were asleep, they drank boiled wine and told how many months and stars. I left in the morning and, as usual, the children continued to sleep in the car. I had not even reached Comarnic and they were sleeping. My idyllic vision of the vacation was a bit shattered when I heard how the dwarves were breathing harder and their nose seemed clogged. In the first phase I said not to be alarmed not to attract negative energies.

We arrived at the pension, we stayed and took the resort on foot. The children were flying, they were happy, especially since we were eyes and ears to everything they told us, and we even got into their game. They ate copiously for lunch and as a kid I had a nap in the afternoon as if we wanted to get rid of all the fatigue in two hours. It was as if I had succeeded, that we even reached a sheepfold where we relaxed for several hours.

Clogged nose, parents panicked

In the evening we returned to the guesthouse and after an hour of smug talk with the dwarves, we put all three to sleep. Boiled wine was waiting for us on the terrace. Every generous slice of apple and orange peel floated in each cup, and a cinnamon stick promised a dreamy aroma. After half an hour, I just hear: "Mommy, I can't sleep! I can't breathe!"

I went to check and, indeed, it was not the seam, but a beginning of the cold. I run to the car to look for the medicine kit for the travelers. I had nothing to find because the kit was fixed on the shoe on the hallway ... from home. My friend said she didn't take anything for one night, so I didn't have a lot of solutions.

A lady who was with her husband talking on the pension terrace heard me as they gave me the time of death and approached us. He explained that he is a pediatrician and that, if I want to, he can look a little at children; I left her, what could I do. He sure knew better than me what to do!

He looked down at his throat, felt it and reassured me. There was nothing serious. And yet, how do I breathe? The doctor-neighbor seemed more organized than us. She also had a 4-and-a-half-month-old baby and in her stroller she kept a jar with a cream with eucalyptus, menthol and thyme, Steam Rub. All I had to do was give it to the kids on the chest and it would help them sleep better. Even she used it for baby with very good results. He left us the jar until morning to apply as needed. The children had great fun when I massaged them on the chest with cream and they were pleased that the room smelled more beautiful.

We continued our climb until the cold of the mountain threw us into the hut. The children were sleeping peacefully. The heat of the stove also sent us into the world of dreams, and in the morning we woke up so rested that we decided to head to Sinaia to climb to Cota 1400 on foot. We left, but not before many ladies with big souls who saved our holiday with just a jar of cream.

Then I found out that the product Steam Rub there is also an adult version and I already bought it and added it to the medicine drawer, to be there, that the cold season has just begun.

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