Foods to stimulate lactation

Foods to stimulate lactation

There has long been the idea that certain foods consumed help stimulate lactation. Many of these ideas are just "cures", without a scientific basis for them. However, there are a few things you can do to stimulate lactation.

From the point of view of diet and nutrition, there are several critical factors related to milk production. The first important factor is the fluid intake. It doesn't have to be milk, it can be water or juice. A good habit is to drink a glass of water while breastfeeding. The fact that you will drink a lot of fluids will not make you produce more milk, but will restore the amount of fluid lost.

Breastfeeding consumes about 500 calories a day. Women who have drastic diets while trying to lose weight while breastfeeding may eat less calories, which will give them a feeling of fatigue and they will not have the energy they need for optimal milk production.

Beer as a lactation stimulant

Breastfeeding mothers were often recommended for breastfeeding stimulation and relaxation. But studies have shown that beer does not help increase lactation. At one point a study was made comparing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers. It seems that mothers who drank alcohol produced more milk, but the baby drank less.

There is also the danger that alcohol may pass through milk to the child. Another study showed that babies whose mothers drank more than two glasses of alcohol a day had a slower motor development. Another danger related to alcohol consumption is that it prevents the mother from caring for her child properly.

Stress can adversely affect milk production, but drinking a beer is not the best way to relax. Find an alternative way to rest and relax. Ask your partner to help you with your child while you are sleeping.

Find ways to eliminate some of the things you have to do daily. Hire a woman to help you if you don't get along (and allow yourself financially). However, you are much more lucrative if you have a balanced diet consisting of nutritious foods.

Remember that the most important factor that stimulates lactation is the volume of milk that is sucked. The more your baby eats, the more milk you will produce.

Caffeine for stimulating lactation: good or bad?

Caffeine stimulates milk production but also stimulates your baby. Caffeine is transmitted to the baby through breast milk and large amounts can have harmful effects on it. Caffeine is more in a baby's system than an adult's.

Also, caffeine can make your baby more irritable and affect their sleep quality. A cup of coffee or juice will not be a problem, but in large quantities (five or more than five cups of caffeine drink per day) the level of caffeine can affect the baby.

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