Casual clothes for a comfortable everyday task

Casual clothes for a comfortable everyday task

Regardless of your style of dress adopted daily, if during pregnancy you are looking for a casual but chic wardrobe, we have some suggestions for you.

Whether you stay at home and chat or talk with babies, or you choose to go for periodic checks or Lamaze exercises, the cute "Boy or girl?" will be a conversation starter. Match it to some comfortable, casual jeans, with a belly support band (Carrita model) or some light, sporty pants, just good for movement (Street pants).

If at the top you prefer something more feminine, not tight on the body, the ideal is the Megan blouse. A combination of viscose with elastane and black and white stripes (or black with gold), Megan sits beautifully on her tummy, highlighting it.

Stripes - and blouses that fall slightly off one shoulder - are on trend during this period, but if you don't like it, you can opt for a simple, yellow-yellow, cheerful blouse like June. It also has an advantage: an adjustable cord at the back that allows you to tighten it depending on the size of your belly.

Also in the category "pride of my tummy" comes the Fab shirt - it's simple, black, with long sleeves, inscribed with the message "No 1 fabulous mom". Bring it to family gatherings or meetings with friends, so that the world knows that you are enjoying this wonderful time in your life and your new role. Or the red heart T-shirt - it has long sleeves, a unique model that highlights both the big, red heart, chest, and growing belly.

If I didn't convince you, I expect you, starting with February 10, in the Mama Boutique showroom from Floreasca neighborhood. You will definitely find something to your liking!